Is Broadcast Radio Relevant? (And, how relevant is your music to radio..?) by Geordie Gillespie

Geordie Gillespie, music executive and entrepreneur, has spent the last 25 years developing new artists at indie and major labels and is a principal at

This is the first in a series of discussions on Radio – terrestrial, satellite and Internet, and it’s impact on contemporary music marketing. Let’s start with the first big question: Is Broadcast Radio Relevent

I guess its safe to say that radio has been getting a bad rap lately. There are those who state that no one listens anymore, that airplay doesn’t sell records and radio doesn’t play any new music anyway.  The bottom line is that none of those things are true.  Radio is still the single most effective way to reach a large audience and build awareness for an artist’s song.   Radio is and always has been the premier platform for songs to become ubiquitous, part of the Zeitgeist – how they truly can be hits.

While it is a fact that there are now more outlets, channels, avenues, and platforms to make your music available to fans old and new, no single medium has the reach and penetration of good old fashion FM radio.  One interesting aspect of terrestrial radio has always been its power to create community. When someone listens to their favorite music on an iPod, they listen alone, where as when a song comes blasting out of an FM radio, a whole listening audience experiences the song at the same time. 

And people are listening.  I’ll give you an idea of how many.  

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