The Truth on How to Get into Pandora

Musicians want their music in Pandora, it’s a great service with great possibilities for exposure. We wanted to explore the possibilities of getting TuneCore artists’ music into the Pandora service. From TuneCore CEO Jeff Price:

About three weeks ago, I met with Tim, the founder of Pandora, in hopes of exploring a way for TuneCore and Pandora to work together. I also spoke with them again, Monday, March 22nd, 2010, after I saw a recent claim by another digital distributor.

I can state to you with no hesitation or uncertainty based on my direct conversations with Pandora about this very issue that there is no distributor that is able to deliver music to Pandora for inclusion into the Pandora service. It simply does not exist, since Pandora makes it decisions editorially.

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Intention – the Bolder Dimension of Songwriting

Wayne Cohen, veteran multi-platinum selling ASCAP hit songwriter, producer and educator, owner of publishing/production company Stand Up Songs.

Wayne teaches individual and group songwriting tutoring sessions at his NYC Stand Up Studio and via Skype.

One of my song tutoring students recently sang me a song she was working on called ‘Listen You’, which I thought was a cool idea about missing that special someone. She had strong lyrics for her chorus, but the chorus chords she had were in a minor key just like the verse had been. The minor chords worked great in the verse, but the melody fell flat at the chorus. I call this kind of chorus melody problem flat lining, as in, the melody didn’t lift enough for a chorus. I suggested that she go to the relative major key for the chorus, and that the melody needed to be ‘happier’ to pay off the manic lyric idea she had set up. This eventually made for a killer chorus for that song.

This started me thinking, if the question is, ‘how do you write a breakthrough song?’ 

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