Pigs Flying, Fat Ladies Singing and Sarah Palin becomes a Democrat

These are the things I expect to see at the end of the world.  Let me add one more to the list.  Peter Wells here at TuneCore rapping with Darryl Matthews McDaniels – aka "D.M.C." of Run DMC.

D.M.C. came by to learn more about TuneCore and play us some of his new songs.  His songs rocked – I mean really rocked.  The track in the video below (recorded with my iPhone) is a collaboration with Sebastian Bach and Travis Barker with one heck of a recognizable hook/sample

With this taste of fame and live touring possibilities, Peter is changing his name to Mic Master Wells.  Expect to see him opening for D.M.C. in the near future

  • Adam Gilbert

    haha nice

  • http://www.petulli.com/ Michel

    got me rolling on the floor Jake thanks for the post

  • Theo

    Who is the fat old guy in the shirt?

  • http://www.tunecore.com Jeff

    Oh Theo – you leave Peter alone!

  • http://www.tunecore.com/music/connorshaw connor

    haha that hook is awesome..some old school rock brought back.