Advice for Setting Up a Home Studio

Carl Beatty, a veteran engineer and Professor of Production and Engineering at Berklee College of Music, shares some valuable advice on setting up and running a home studio – how to keep costs down, how to get the most out of what you buy, how to manage your time and workload, and more.

  • clinton gary

    GREAT posting Carl Beatty i dont jknow how many musician freinds or voals i have lost as to the game of of music and being a veteran engineer , i think it all started with protools area really evryone is buying all the latest production software and dont know very much on how to use it or put it too use weather your in your bedroom making rythms or a low budget producer knowledge is key becuase with it your tools are nothing more than a everyday pair shoes wearing out to grooves of your next step or stride .

  • Donald Hill

    my peers tell me i am an excellent songwriter. i believe i write just as good as the best in the music industry absent the fact i dont have all the equipment or connections or all the knowledge how to use everything. i’m currently using several cubase products and i just want advice on what i should concentrate on song-wise. if i’m a great writer should i also concentrate on how the songs i write are produced or arranged, mixed, etc… or do i just seek great engineers and producers despite i do produce and engineer also. it seems i’m losing time on being able to do it all. what does one do when he/she is poor and is trying to get into the music industry and dont have connections to be heard and how do i set up songs to upload so others can hear my talents or do i simply set up my own website. please give me your scoop please/ thank u/Don Hill

  • Tristan

    Is that it? 2 minutes? Good advice but is there more to the interview that I’m missing?

  • salvatore tamburrino

    Yes , I agree every things he sayd . If someone doesn’t have money to buy the tools , first he try if it is possible earn the money for buing that. In other case he will die poor.

  • Curly Crane

    Perfect timing on this information as I am ready to do this. Thank you.

  • anthony meeks

    To Donald Hill; If you are an excellent song writer then writing must be fun to you so keep doing this while being mindfull of “creativity” when developing concepts.If you have producing & Engineering skills why seek elswhere in the begining? Also doing online research can be very enlightning. I found Tunecore through Interscope Records website now I have music on itunes and online radio!

  • Locrian

    ? he didnt really give advice.
    or i should say his advice was to keep costs down cuz things get out of hand. gee, ok thanks for the infinite wisdom.

  • T I L

    Yeah it´s kinda advice, but thatll way u c who r the REAL MUSICIAN´S

  • Fronz Arp

    This is great in that its the total opposite to what you wee smattered all of the web. Buy this, this new feature, this thing does this and that. As a musician who also works as an engineer I think its great to see someone say ‘spend less and learn to use what you have really well’ instead of spending a bomb and 100 units. Its amazing what you can create on minimal budgets and with minimal equipment. And it also shits me getting the endless phone calls from fellow musos asking advice :)

  • Fronz Arp

    ha. oh dear, I meant to say ‘what you SEE smattered…’ not ‘WEE smattered’ tho that is one of the most amusing mistakes I’ve made recently

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  • Las Vegas Recording Studio

    Some great advice for creating my own music.I still don’t know if I can afford it though.