How to Record a Drum Kit

Drew Malamud, a producer and engineer from Montreal, talks about and demonstrates different ways to mic and record a drumset.

  • Lou

    Good Stuff. Thanks for the info.

  • Jose Lopez III

    Interesting and highly noted. Thank you for this. Sheds some light for me.

  • Rebeccah Walker

    You have great control and I love the sultry sound I hear too.

  • Rebeccah Walker

    I’m glad I watched this. I’ll share this with my son who plays the drums and guitar

  • TheRain

    Very nice, easy to follow and it makes sense. Would like to see you talk about the hi hat and how you handle that. I have done similar set up but with not quite such nice mics :-(

  • Gary Chipman

    Why not place floor tom mic at bottom of tom, at source of sound? and I don’t like head phones !! can I have soft monitories and sing in to a mic that only can hear mostly just my voice? it would give me more control and comfort!!!?????? Astral Man Gary


    Totally Informative and will give a beginner a great place to start. Also, it will give a person a place to go and start asking more questions and trying more experimentation..

  • Gary E Thomas, II

    thank you, sir… very informative

  • FRS

    Great bit of info on drum mic technique. I be sure to share this video with my students.