Video: DJ Scratch Techniques – Baby Scratch

In this clip DJ Shortee shows us the basics of how to scratch – what sounds to use, how to set up your scratch, and how to EQ your rig for scratching – and introduces the baby scratch.


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  • Ricardo Martinez

    The use of right music for the ocassion, Technique, and Stage Presence are what make a great DJ.

  • Lee

    I believe it’s the journey, technique doesn’t always have to be flawless, but it takes knowing the crowd, and being able to give them what they need that can turn an average night out into an awesome one.

  • Brian K. James

    Don’t forget EDUCATION.
    Playing hits all night only works so much. Creativity, knowing not only the crowd, but your catalog, where the breakdowns are, etc…
    The ability to know when, how, and why to blend to or from different tracks. Reading the crowd should keep the DJ moving because the movement on the floor is caused by the DJs themselves.
    To the people on the floor: If you like what you hear, DANCE, and let the DJ hear your excitement. Nothing worse than a crowd that doesn’t let the DJ know what’s going on. DJ’s: Keep your eyes on the CROWD, Playing to just one person on the floor can either SPARK or KILL your floor, INSTANTLY. Also, too many guys I know go on, while their high, or drunk. Not me. I’m sober from the time I get there, until the time I pack up to go home. Too many things to keep track of when I’m out, and I want to be on point.
    Practice your sets. You’ll be amazed at how well your timing improves because of it. Make sure you know way in advance of your time slot to spin. I’m talking a month here. This gives you time to really work your set for that gig. You NEVER know who’s going to be at the gig listening. You’ll get other gigs because of it.
    Record your sets. I used to never do this, but this is where you can find out more about your crowd. Regulars at a club will know the tracks most DJs are playing — heck most are DJs themselves. This is where you get to add YOU to the mix.
    You’ll remember how nuts the crowd went when you dropped a track. Keep note as to what came BEFORE the crowd went nuts, and what happened when you went to the NEXT track. Crowds move like tides.. From the bar to the floor, and back and forth. If you’re working it right, NO ONE will WANT to leave the floor, and it’ll get so packed that it’ll spill over into the bar area, and the WHOLE CLUB WILL BE DANCING. Remember when you went to a party, and DJ totally rocks it, and YOU WERE THERE in the crowd? Right! Now when YOU do it, keep THAT thought in your mind. It’ll sharpen EVERYTHING. You will ignore everything else, and focus on building that mix. This is KEY. Forget who is saying what, forget the booze, forget the girls (for now), You won’t be able to keep still. YOU BETTER FEEL THIS! That memory of YOUR good time will translate into the CROWD’S good time. Look at the floor, they are waiting for the drop! Your about to give them something they’ll never forget! DO. NOT. DISAPPOINT. When you drop it, it’ll feel orgasmic. Trust me. Ever wanted to know why DJ’s sweat? THIS IS REASON NUMBER ONE.
    Post mixes online for FREE download. You’ll be amazed at who will check it out, and how many people you’ll meet, either personally, romantically, and for gigs. Trust me, the whole, “friend of a friend of a friend of a friend, heard your mix, and wants you to play her birthday party” can garner more contacts, more visibility, and “more” of many things. It varies.
    Take care of your gear! And only YOU and YOUR CREW carry it. I’ve heard stories of stolen crates, stolen hard drives, stolen laptops. Enough of that, people! IF you’re a carpenter and I come along and steal your tools, how long before the boss finds out, and pulls you from the job? Ya dig?
    In summation:
    EDUCATE by finding the odd song, a classic track that’s been twisted up, or play a track YOU WROTE among or mixed in with a known hit for maximum effect.
    READ the crowds. They move in phases. You’ll see them from the booth, but you’ll UNDERSTAND them if you dance among them before and/or after your set.
    PRACTICE & RECORD your sets.
    PROMOTE yourself and/or your crew.
    POST your mixes for free online.
    ATTEND DJ expos, and visit your favorite DJs at THEIR GIGS, they started out like you did too, they will understand.
    I had to drop out of the scene to take care of family matters, and other means of finance, and the distance between then, and now is large enough, that I have to rebuild what I had, and then take it further. No problem. I have fresh tracks that I really like, and fit my style, but I have some stuff I wrote that I plan on flowing into the mix. Stuff that people have told me they REALLY liked… This is the comeback.
    Did I miss anything? Please e-mail me from sound-cloud and let’s talk.
    Brian K. James (DJ/Prod. Name: “The Engineer”)

  • Masta Hanksta

    A great DJ must make playing music for a crowd his or her passion.
    They should not be arrogant or cocky.
    A DJ must respect the crowd and in return gain the their respect.
    Great Dj’s will have a great time at any gig whether it be a club,festival, birthday party,wedding or just a regular house party.
    Great Dj’s will leave the party and go home and DJ some more.
    Great Dj’s study all styles of music and research the artist.
    Most importantly a great DJ will never stop being a DJ
    Till death do we part.
    I am a great DJ
    Masta Hanksta

  • Ed

    A Great DJ LOVES The JOB,LOVES the CLUB and
    most of all LOVES to Move ALL THE PEOPLE with a Master Groove…
    Peace and keep the Groove
    ED MAC

  • Christian Covarrubias

    A Great DJ is Made by his Fans!

  • Md

    Looking at the most basic definition of DJ’ing, I think a good DJ is someone who can share new music and make you feel like you’re part of something special. The DJ can take something familiar to hook you, and then give you something unfamiliar that works and keeps you moving.

  • Martyn Reed

    A great crowd !

  • C.O.D(cutz on demand)

    Diversity,skill,love of all genres of music and experience..

  • Jacob Wake Up!

    Read, please, and surpise the crowd. 3 people should also get the same show as 300.

  • Mike

    A great DJ: it’s a combination of wearing the right hat and an ability to keep dudes in the crowd away from their girlfriend while continuing to mix.

  • Jaroslaw

    Hi…..1XTRA & ONLY**** Straight Up Sound. I like this. DJ. POLAND.

  • Ak Newstar

    A good Dj is is a Dj who plays the role of an A&R search and listen to music without bias Selection!

  • Esdras F. Holderbaum

    A good DJ needs to have feeling when what the public wants and what we need to keep track full. Need to know that not everywhere is like the same music style. Besides this, yes need to understand music to know the times, layers, components, complexities of why a song is good or bad with another … every way, none of this works if the person does not have good feeling!

  • Keith Rangnow

    A good DJ is the archetype and facilitator of a good time. A good DJ is original without being highbrow. A good DJ anticipates what his listeners want to hear, and balances that with what he/she wants them to hear. A good DJ creates an emotion-filled memorable experience for his/her listener, and that experience is what keeps people loyal. A good DJ makes people his/her listeners feel like they are part of something greater than themselves.

  • James Gregory Sr.

    A good dj is one who knows music .They know what the crowds respond to , they know how to latch on to and get the crowd exited .A good dj also interacts with the crowd and makes them feel like a part of his set .Also a good dj looks past what he or she wants to hear and brings the crowd the hottest music .

  • Lee Rodriguez

    Great DJs are ones who take their time to learn the craft. They’re the ones who will have sleepless nights in which they’ll continue to perfect the art & will stop at nothing because of their determination to become the better artist.

  • home

    I’ve seen some great djs hype a crowd with just a baby scratch!