Your Marketing Plan

Jerry Goolsby, professor of Music Industry Studies at Loyola University, tells a bit about the importance of having a marketing plan for your band if you want to be successful.  Do you have marketing strategies for your music? Tell us.

  • Henry Soul

    JERRY GOOLSBY said it all, and ernestly too.
    But no singlular person’s efforts R going 2 achieve that goal ‘with a specifically targeted niche market’. But also that singular person’s vision can B executed with the efforts of he team. And how would that singular person find and convince that team 2 do the work 4 him/her?! That is my question.

  • Steven Cravis, San Francisco, CA

    Thank you, Jerry Goolsby. This is excellent.

  • Martin Esq

    Is there anywhere we musicians can find a sample plan that covers most or all aspects discussed by the Professor?

  • Terry Wheeler

    I don’t have a band,however I write my own songs and record them at home after-which
    I send to a recording studio in Nashville to
    have the songs done up professionally.
    For exposure of my music the demo’s are then
    sent to Tunecore to be put on i-Tunes.
    In the past I also have been a member of an
    organization called Taxi that acts as a filter to supply up and coming or established artist. All of the above is from a songwriter’s point of view as I personally am not a performer.

  • marketing strategies

    Possibly there is at any place most of us performers can buy a sample approach of which protects almost all or maybe many facets outlined because of the Professor?