What it Means to be an Artist Manager

Delante Murphy, an artist manager based in Atlanta, GA, shares his insights about what it means to manage an artist’s career and make good decisions that make sense in the long term.

What are your experiences with managers? What do you look for from a manager?

  • http://www.jango.com/music/mikealike MikeAlike(independent recording artist)

    People are multi-media because they may be actors but then appearing in fashion advertising?
    Apology, but many do not gather their assertions as to how or what a persons talent is or where their craft lies according to cross marketed publicity ad’s. So J-Lo for instance who paid and got caught for paying for appearing in adverts and returning spins, is in actually a cross over in different markets (?) or paid from that end to do so……… That’s not talent, its in essence, false advertising. There’s a list of so called celebrity “fashion designers” as well with no-none of the integral aspects of a naturally gifted designer who breathes ONLY fashion and slaves for years behind a sewing machine…but these celebrity “fashion types” use trends and commercialize product while marginalizing the art and true spirit of design, which only a fashion designer can attribute to, seldom are individuals multi-faceted, generally a good producer makes a mediocre dj and vice versa.
    But what isn’t mentioned is corporate label groups looking for tools of humans, which serve as malleable proto-types which can morph into different forms in order to compensate or migrate into alter mediums to cross market. In fact this form of tactic in marketing product has little to do with art or music and ends up to the same dollar and sense crap which corrupted the U.S. prior to the collapse. Of course these crafty individuals can find other’S designs or “art” work to paste onto the human-product marketing piece (described above) in order to give a luster or appearance of the “cool”.
    Media personalities do not always turn out numbers according to their reliance on a consumer base, per example:Madonna’s most recent indie films flopped, Uma Therman who is an Academy Award winning actress had an empty theater for a showing recently. Those are just females mentioned here. I didn’t list the males, and am not intentionally practicing discrimination, here, to add….
    Delante Murphy had a few keen insights, a lot of it was talk about “them”,which in fact is irrelevant to a broad spectrum and varied roster of “artists”.

  • Gatorboy

    Who do i go by gettin a record deal

  • http://ttmpmedia.com Mike

    Great video thanks. We noticed a big difference in our numbers as well when we reached out to a larger group.

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