Gadgets We Like: TASCAM Portastudio for iPad

By Jeff Price

Way back in the old days – the 80’s – when I would walk barefoot in the snow uphill, I bought myself a TASCAM four track recorder.  I loved it.  I would pop in a cassette and record four tracks of me not playing anything very well.  I recorded my first song and played it over and over trying to find ways to improve it (sadly, nothing would have helped).

And here we are, almost 25 years later, and once again I can own a Tascam multi-track recorder – only this time, I can click a button and download it to my iPad from the iTunes App store – it’s only $9.99 and has a heck of a lot more features.

And it even still has a cassette to look at…. nostalgia meets technology!

See TASCAM Portastudio for iPad

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  • Timothy Eric

    Not enough to make me buy an iPad, but certainly brings back good memories. 25 years…. wow


    Wow… Thats neat. I started with a Vestafire, a very similar 4 track… then on to a Tascam Syncasette 8track. Now I’m using a Tascam DP-02CF 8 track. I love the DP-02. Very easy to use and with some good organization skills, you can do a lot with a 4 GB card.