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What is your experience with terrestrial radio?  Have you had issues collecting on your royalties? 


    Respectfully I disagree with this comment!
    The Song writer is and should be soul owner of his/her intellectual property! In the event The Writer agrees to allow another Artist with Label representation to release his/her song,A shared interests can be fairly negotiated prior to investment or release!
    It is an would be a grave mistake to allow the Government to pre negotiate an Artist Soul owned Intellectual Property! The Writer should always maintain and control the right to refuse or negotiate licensing!
    With the new Public Domain Laws, As soon as a piece is released it becomes Public Domain! Anyone can Record and release that material without Writers consent!
    It’s only fair that the Artist maintains full Rights to Their Intellectual Property!

  • Debbie

    In the Netherlands we have BUMA/STEMRA for the authors and for performing artists:
    The granting of licences and the collection of tariffs is followed by a stage which is at least equally important, namely the distribution of funds. Each ‘Creator of Music’ is entitled to remuneration when his or her music has been played on the radio and/or television. The play-lists from the radio and television stations are the basis for national as well as international distribution in this respect.
    And for performers and actors