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    Being an artist can be as
    Complicated as you make it. You
    Can either be a product of a
    Company or be a true blue artist
    Who just wants to share your
    Music with the public and be
    You get caught up in the middle
    Because you are not writing
    Songs thinking you will make
    Millions but writing songs hoping
    To send a message that may
    Inspire someone’s life and soothe
    Their soul. As cliche as this may
    Sound they’re are musicians out
    There who are good at what they
    Do but do not care to be super
    Rock stars and have turned down
    Record deals because of the
    Complex nature of dealing with so
    many people in the record
    industry. Working with big labels
    can get very complicated and
    when you are working with the
    majors they’re are so many
    people that you have to deal with
    that you lose your whole concept
    and thought about why you
    started playing music in the first
    place. If you try to stay true to
    yourself you may get lucky and
    become a success or your whole
    world may crumble around you if
    you stand up to these pompous
    Record executives who claim to
    Have your whole life mapped out
    For you. Only plotting to kill you in
    The end to make money off of
    Your music and persona for
    Decades and decades after you
    Are long gone. It’s only fitting that
    These major record companies
    Meet with their demise. I think
    Tune core is a great way for
    Musicians like me to be heard
    on a nonsuperficial level
    And stay in control of their
    destiny.Unfortunely you will still
    Have to deal with this business of
    Music but with Tune core you can
    Deal with it on your own terms. I
    Have yet to put my music out on
    Tuncore but will soon!!!!