Money And Music Streams – The Future Or The Death Of The industry? Part 1: The Melting Iceberg Syndrome And The Music Business

Part 1: The Melting Iceberg Syndrome And The Music Business

By George Howard (follow on Twitter)

With’s recent announcement, the topic of streaming and downloading has become a front-and-center topic.  Rumors are also, of course, flying about the imminent launch of similar services from Google and Apple. Given all of this it’s imperative for the informed artist to not only understand the landscape of streaming, but also how this delivery change impacts revenue models.

To this end, this week we focus on illustrating two points of view in our articles. While these articles both examine the same topic, and, ostensibly at least, appear to come out on different sides, the reality is that there are likely both positive and negative impacts as a result of these changes.  One thing however is certain, these are disruptive times in the music business, and with disruption comes opportunity…seize it!

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Part 2: The Melting Iceberg Syndrome, The Music Business And The Change Under The Couch Cushions

By Jeff Price

On the other hand…perhaps, since the beginning of the music business, more artists are earning some money for the first time as opposed to a few earning less.

In the old school model, an artist got signed to a label.  The label would agree to pay the artist a negotiated royalty rate on each CD sold; usually around $1.40 to $1.70 per album. The label would then advance the artist band royalties from their “to-be-earned-in-the-future-CD-sales.”  The artist would  take this money (their own royalty money) and use most of it to record the album that the label would own and control.

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Winning Photos Selected From TuneCore In Austin Photo Contest

Congratulations to the following bands and photographers!

The Niceguys
Photo by Datubo MacHarry

Fang Island
Photo by Nina Mashurova

The Frontier Brothers
Photo by David Hall

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The Canvas Waiting – Reporting Back From SXSW

This year’s South By Southwest has now come to a close and we wanted to catch up with one band that performed throughout the festival. The Canvas Waiting is particularly familiar with Austin, as that is the city from which the indie rock band hails. Read on to hear how the vibe of the city changed during the festival week, and learn how they promoted their newest album “Chasing Color” and took advantage of the SXSW opportunities.

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Gadgets We Like: GarageBand for iPad

We’ve been playing with GarageBand on our computers around the office, and have recently discovered Apple’s coolest version of it yet: GarageBand for iPad. The program comes with several different instruments in 2 versions: regular and smart. The “smart” instruments are made for those who aren’t as musically inclined. If you choose the smart keyboard for example, you play preselected chords so you don’t have to worry about hitting a bad one.

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