What’s Working For You? Social Media Strategy.

This week we’re introducing a new section that takes a look at an artist with a big week of sales. We want to spotlight this so other artists can benefit. First up, Gabrielle Aplin’s strategic use of social media.


UK-based singer Gabrielle Aplin places a huge emphasis on social media marketing.  Her efforts have resulted in 60,000+ fans across social network sites, and over 5 million plays on the videos she posts on her YouTube channel.  Though she uses the sites to keep her fans up to date on touring schedules, releases, and other news, Gabrielle comes up with creative ways to keep her fans involved in her career. Three weeks before she was set to release her newest EP Never Fade, the singer decided to ask her Facebook and Twitter followers to help choose the 4 songs to go on the EP.  She put up links to her original music and asked them to vote.  Similarly, when she was getting ready to release a preview album back in September, Gabrielle asked her social media friends to weigh in and vote on an album cover.

Because of the strategic use of social media networks leading up to the release of Never Fade, the launch was extremely successful and resulted in thousands of sales from the beginning.  Fans felt involved in the EP before it was even released, and were excited to purchase it as soon as it hit digital stores.

With her EP now in stores, Gabrielle continues to release YouTube videos and update her fans on the latest news and live show times.

Find Gabrielle on the web:

YouTube Channel
Facebook Page

  • Uncle Jed

    Keep em coming Tunecore!


    Uncle Jed

  • Thunderingherd

    Good stuff here!

  • Beck

    It could also be because she’s just bloody good?!

  • King Juleus

    I put these words down in no way taking away from the
    the fantastic accomplishments of the Music Artist.
    Obviously Social Networking is an unbelievable tool that can give anyone
    access to millions of people, but you also need to have a good product to make it.

    I know why I’ll never be successful(sarcasm)………….
    I would never do some of the things (needed) to sell myself
    “the singer decided to ask her Facebook and Twitter followers to help
    choose the 4 songs to go on the EP”
    I don’t want to do this.
    “Gabrielle asked her social media friends to weigh in and vote on an album cover.”
    I don’t want to do this either.
    I know they are great ideas, movies producers screen 3 different endings to different
    audiences to see what they like. It’s a proven marketing strategy.
    I just can’t do it.
    Another thing I can’t do is ask 10,000 people to be my friend on these sites.
    I get more than 10 a day asking to be my friend, and I’m not sure
    they even listened to my songs. lol
    Good music is Viral, and I know you’ve got to spread
    the Virus, but I guess I don’t want “it” as bad as others.

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_SLJTJNCYCOE4Q2IICKQVMQG664 Matthew

      Exactly how I feel about what everyone in the music business (and book business now too) tells you.  I’m not the type of person to “twitter” any random crap to my fans.  To me twitter is a huge distraction from the important things in life.  The fact is that everyone expects artist to be more of a salesman than anything.  If I was that good at selling a product, I would sell something else instead of my CD and actually make a real living and have a life.  Artists are often misanthropes, loners, outcasts, NOT the popular kid in school, and now record labels and managers are expecting them to act like the student who was class president.  Can you see Bob Dylan, or John Lennon, or Ernest Hemingway, or 99% of other serious huge artists doing this?  No way.  Never in a million years.  I’m not going to beg people to be my friend or “like” me on facebook.  I and I know I’ll never sell as many copies as the people that do those things, but keeping my dignity will make up for the loss in revenue.

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Moo-Zicc/100001779181198 Moo Zicc

        The trouble is if you aren’t willing to self promote, then unless your get a PR company doing it for you how on earth are you going to get new fans??  You don’t have to ‘beg’ people to like you on Facebook, just post a link to one of your songs and leave a friendly comment inviting your friends to listen and leave some feedback.  If they like it then they’re likely to share it among their friends, and so begins the viral phenomenon!  Just make sure your song page has a link to buy it on iTunes though, otherwise you’ll miss a trick to monetise your traffic.  In fact, you could use my website to do just that! (shameless plug …lol!)  – http://www.moozi.cc

        • KingJuleus

          If you are an independent artist and you don’t promote
          yourself, we all know what’s going to happen. There is
          also something to be said for artist integrity(something I have too much of LOL).
          But, artist Integrity does not sell downloads, or albums. There is a HUGE amount of
          luck needed(along with decent music) to even be found (no matter
          how much social media you use). I’ve seen many local bands/artists
          over the years that I thought should “make it”, only to hear that
          they broke up, or are no longer in the scene. Is the definition
          of success making enough money so that you don’t need
          another job ?, or that you can retire on your music related
          earnings? or is it how many friends you have?. If no one knows
          who you are in 5 years from now, did you make it ?
          It’s all in the mind of the artist. I don’t begrudge anyone’s success in this
          crappy business, only that the music they create, or
          play is meaningful to them, and not just some crap
          being manufactured and sold to us.

  • Funkiemusic

    hey yes this is  where  it starts cos  i keep reeling  around  in  circles

  • Dencrewshuttle

    My guess is she has no job and therefore she’s got time on her hands, I produce music for a TV series, Think there’s time for me to twitter? not a chance!  I don’t find twittering to be very productive anyhow. More power to her, success is a hard thing to come by, what ever you have to do to get it , you do,      what ever it takes, separates the kids from the men. Have a great day!! DD

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_2GACPTBWSNMUX32Z3GUQJIHMWQ danton

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    According to an article and sound system update , I think that the cess or stress dessert that unifies the PEOPLES ideology, like BOB MARLEYS’ music, would be a good example. Slowing down something…warping it, CHOPPING and SCREWING it, while addressing the text and content of what is being said should probably be considered:
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  • strongv

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  • http://twitter.com/ittenkay Katherine Archer

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  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_2GACPTBWSNMUX32Z3GUQJIHMWQ danton

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  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_2GACPTBWSNMUX32Z3GUQJIHMWQ danton

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