Launch Of Google Music– What Does This Mean For You?

Get ready to cut the ribbon; the search engine giant Google has just launched the long-awaited Google Music, a platform enabling musicians to connect with their fans. Google Music allows you to discover and purchase new music, upload your personal collection to the cloud, share purchased tracks with friends on Google+, and access your entire collection from the web or any device.  So what does this new digital platform mean for the user? And for the artist?


Google Music includes an online music store within Android Market that provides à la carte digital downloads of albums and tracks (tracks vary from free to $1.29). When you make a purchase through Android Market, the album or single automatically goes to your Google Music library, which can be thought of as a kind of locker.  In addition to storing downloads from the store, the locker can also hold up to 20,000 songs from your personal music collection.

Once in the locker, the music can be streamed on the web and any device, and even stored for offline listening on a mobile device. You’ll be able to access your songs on up to 10 authorized devices per account.

In addition, artists will be able to create an “Artist Page,” which will feature the artist’s albums for sale, as well as additional information and media such as  band photos and an artist bio.  To upload and publish content for Google Music using their artist portal, users must be residents of the United States (including its territories, protectorates, and insular areas). To edit an artist page, you can be located anywhere in the world.


If you want to share a song you just purchased with a friend, you can use the integrated social recommendation feature to share a full free play of the track via Google+.


TuneCore artists have TWO options for getting their music into Android Market:

–       They can have TuneCore deliver their music to Google

–       They can go direct to

There are a select number of artists who are already in the Google Music database. For artists not already in the Google Music database who decide to go direct, Google charges a $25 one time set up fee to create the artist account.


If you go direct, you will need to go to, customize your artist page, upload your music, agree to the Google Terms & Conditions and create a Google Checkout account so you can get paid and accounted to directly by Google.

Once your music is available in Android Market, it will appear in the general store and you’ll also have the option to create your own store and sell your own music off your blog, webpage and/or Google Music artist page.

The artist will get paid the same amount of money by going direct through Google or distributing via TuneCore or any other entity.

You will be able to set the price you want each song and/or album to sell for at the track level.


If you choose to use TuneCore to have your music distributed to Android Market,  and you do not already have a page in Google’s database, an artist page will be created automatically at no cost.

If you claim an existing page to edit your bio and photos, it will also be free.

Note: you will not be able to change any of the album or track data delivered by TuneCore.


At this time, TuneCore and Google are finalizing the digital pipeline to get your music into the Android Market store. Until this pipeline is done, TuneCore-distributed music will not appear in the Android Market store.

Once we are ready to deliver…

  • If you have a new release you would like to distribute, you can choose as many digital music stores as you would like, including Android Market, for the flat $49.99 per year per album or $9.99 per year per single.
  • If you have a pre-existing release at TuneCore that you would like TuneCore to distribute to Android Market, there will be a one-time fee of $1.98 per release.

If you use TuneCore to get your music into the Google Music store, you will have the benefit of being part of Google’s largest music supplier.  Although we cannot speak for Google, we suspect we may be able to get you answers to your questions about the Google Music Service more quickly than if you go direct with Google.


Payments from Android Market will come into your TuneCore account just as they do from the other stores we distribute to: as soon as the store reports your sales and money to us, we’ll post your sales data and money directly into your TuneCore account. Then you can withdraw it 24/7, 365 days a year, via Electronic Funds Transfer, PayPal or check.

If you discontinue using TuneCore to distribute your music but still want to keep it in Android Market, you would need to go to and set up an account directly. Artists who create pages directly on Google Music can still opt-in to TuneCore distribution later, but Google will not refund the $25 set-up fee.


TuneCore is set up and ready to go.  The hold up is solely on Google’s side

  • Andy

    Thanks for putting this up so quickly. What about artists from outside of the US? Will you be able to process our music as well? 

    • Anonymous




      • Kronstudios

        im not a big fan of googles business practices. Tunecore is pretty cool. Is there a way to get sale stats everyday or do we have to wait a week to see?

        • Anonymous

          at the moment, only Apple provides timely data

          we provide it to you weekly, you can see what you sold the previous week by Zip Code

          • Kathy

            We are a small indie label with various albums by our two artists in our tunecore account. If I have Tunecore handle their music dist. in Google, will it be able to put each bit of music on each artist page?

          • TuneCoreSupport

            Hi Kathy,

            At the moment we do not have Google offered as store for distribution since we are still working on adding it to our system. Once we do though you will be able to add it as a store for distribution for your future and current releases.

            Questions? Get Help:


            Artist Support Specialist

            Talk to us on Twitter: @TuneCoreSupport
            Watch our videos on YouTube:

          • Anonymous

            just adding to this

            the hold up is completely on Googles side


  • Hakan Tuna

    Which countries can you sell in, I would love to sell in turkey as that’s where my main fan base is, so far no legal downloads are available there?

  • Billy

    So if you go through TuneCore, it’s $50 per album per year to be on Google Music, rather than a one time $25 fee for unlimited albums?

    • Anonymous


      no. If you use TuneCore, you have worldwide distribution into as many stores that TuneCore works with (i.e iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody, eMusic etc)
      You get an iTunes Ping page and Google Music page at no additional cost
      You also get a global music company that works for you. TuneCore is not just about distribution, its about providing services, conveniences etc for artists.
      We have to earn the right to have our customers choose to hire TuneCore to work for them.
      We launch new things to get more of your money (click here for more info – ) or
      Hire new people to market and promote your music – click here to see the results
      Hire people to create deals with brands on your behalf – click here to learn about what our EVP Business Development/Integrated Brand Marketing does for you (starts at about 26 minutes) –
      We work for you to collect your money, store your assets, add new distribution points, protect your copyrights and provide a team – your own record label – with a staff there to help and support you.
      You have choices now, as it should be. All gatekeepers should be gone. The music industry should serve, not exploit, artists.
      The decision if TuneCore is the right fit for you is up to you


  • Village Green Studios

    When do you think I will be able to use TuneCore to get distribution thru Google?   How long to build the “pipeline” as you say?

    • Anonymous

      @village green studios

      the hold up is on Google’s side

      we are ready to go – just waiting on them..


  • RobWilco

    Terrific! Looking forward to getting our catalog in there. Thanks again for all you do at TuneCore!

  • Rob Keiter

    Awesome. Thanks for keeping things like this in front of artists. Can’t wait to hear more about this new opportunity to connect!

  • Twincvanillaspilla

    twin-c vanilla spilla is down wit dat

  • Ngraham24

    will tune core be up and running before june 2012 on google music i would also like tune core to be able to get our ringtones on the google market android phones.
    i use tune core or everything because the service has been good and the staff are helpfull thankyou

    • Anonymous

      TuneCore is up, running and ready to go. The hold up is on Google’s side

      Thank You

      Jeff Price

  • Waiting4agape

    My music is already on Tunecore and thanks!

    When can I have you load my songs to Google?

    How and on what page do I load my songs?

    • Waiting4agape

      I should have put having tunecore do the loading for the above questions

    • Anonymous


      All you’ll need to do is click the Google store in TuneCore, that’s it, just like adding any other store
      We are set up and ready to go. The hold up is on Google’s side


  • Rich Brodsky

    I don’t see an option to add Android Market or Google Store when I click on Edit Stores for an existing album. What am I missing?

    • Anonymous


      Google has not completed the technology build it needs to in order for TuneCore to deliver you music. The hold up is on their end
      As soon as they are ready to go, will will flip the Google Music option live within TuneCore.


  • Doc

    Will we be notified by email when this is ready? Thanks.

  • Dltriplebeam

    Google music allows you to set the price, will this option be available is I go through tunecore?

    • Anonymous

      to begin we will have set default pricing, at some point in the future the full variable pricing will be available
      I also suspect that Artist Support will have a work around to get you what you need

      • Dave Owens

        This would be greatly appreciated on all levels. I’d love to have the freedom to adjust pricing…think about the recent Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals…holiday or special event discounts, etc.

  • Dltriplebeam

    Google music allows you to set the price, will this option be available is I go through tunecore?

  • Jhollafla

    Gotta love it!

  • Beethovens9th

    Google exist only to satisfy it’s investors, and they will get into anything they can, also they are in a stupidly powerful position to take advantage of all digital media…
    Google is so large, their servers use enough power to run an average size city, something to keep in mind.
    Who cares where people go to look, tunecore does a fine job… We are all getting sick of the giants controlling our every move.

    • Fmstudiokent

      Yes, Tunecore does do a fine job and I hope Google doesn’t become the dictator in this.

    • Abcdefg

      the same goes for apple

  • Naeem Benevolent King Smith


  • Vincenzo Pandolfi

    I don’t think that I can get my music into Google Music as I am a resident of Australia. Is this correct?

    • Anonymous

      sort of

      You can via TuneCore, but you cannot (yet) go direct with Google


  • Anonymous

    google is doing anything for the artist advancement, but how about the protection of our materials?

  • Bryan R

    How much will google pay artists per track sold? I don’t see that covered anywhere here.

    • Anonymous

      they keep 30%


  • McCade

     Your own DL link on your own website:  100 DLs at 1.00  = 100.00 Revenue
    Google Music:  143 DLs at 1.00 = 100.10 Revenue

    So the question is: Will Google help Artists sell 43% more music?  Or, put another way, given that Artists ‘generally’ need to generate their own traffic (fans) to their music, can Artists generate 43% more to cover Google’s cut?

    • Derekcatemusic

      In response to McCade,
      Artists need to understand that selling your music on iTunes or google music people are more likely to buy on a trusted site such as these. Yes you profit 100% sellin on your own website but you will not have as many sales. A lot of fans don’t trust givin there card out or using PayPal and like most today already have a iTunes or android account so I makes things simplified. Fans like it easy make it easy for them. Put your music on both, your site as well as iTunes/google music you will see a difference.

      • Anonymous

        add to that that Apple has a quarter billion users/credit cards on file with one click to buy and the ability for a music buyer to discover discover music

  • Tricky

    I’ll be Googling up through Tunecore. It’s a great feeling having someone like Jeff Price and the crew at Tunecore always watching the fort. They’ve proven their strong allegiance for we the Artists.

    • Anonymous


      honest to god, i am really flattered by what you wrote!

      keep us honest, makes us work to serve you. Thats the only way we will be the best in the world

  • David

    Thanks for the great info! I have three questions that I think others might also have.

    1. Are any plugin’s or other helpful promotional materials provided by TuneCore for use with an Artist’s Google Music account?2. Also, is there a yearly renewal fee for all music released to Google Music via TuneCore? (It is my understanding that Google only charges the one-time fee of $25.) Are there any reoccurring fees charged by TuneCore that would not be charged by Google to release songs on Google Music?3. Finally, if songs have already been distributed via TuneCore (and all fees paid at the time of distribution) can we the artists choose to have the music also distributed to Google Music without additional fees?

    Thanks, Jeff.

    • Anonymous


      Google Music is just another store added as a distribution point for you to select if you want
      Works the same as if we added Rdio (or any other store) to the TuneCore service.
      The choiche to use TuneCore to place the music into Google Music is 100% yours
      You can go to Google directly or choose to use TuneCore


  • David

    Thanks for the great info! I have three questions that I think others might also have.

    1. Are any plugin’s or other helpful promotional materials provided by TuneCore for use with an Artist’s Google Music account?2. Also, is there a yearly renewal fee for all music released to Google Music via TuneCore? (It is my understanding that Google only charges the one-time fee of $25.) Are there any reoccurring fees charged by TuneCore that would not be charged by Google to release songs on Google Music?3. Finally, if songs have already been distributed via TuneCore (and all fees paid at the time of distribution) can we the artists choose to have the music also distributed to Google Music without additional fees?

    Thanks, Jeff.

  • joe van buren

    The Google deal sounds like a simple addtion; not a forced transition.  I’m happy with the basic package I have with Tunecore.  Thanks, Tunecore Team!!  God has blessed you guys to be problem solvers of age-old music industry rip-off standards.  That’s the foundation that I will always appreciate you for;  everything else, I’ll just roll with the punches.  Thanks, sincerely, again guys!!  (from joe v.)

  • Kevin Martinez

    Why would anyone not go through or stay with Tunecore.  All the numbers point towards using a guardian angel, especially in todays market.  It is like having insurance.  I spend enough time trying to figure out the admin of this biz.  I rather be making song.


  • Me

    Android Market’s music-management system for consumers is similar to that of iCloud. Google’s percentage-cut of sale is the same as that of iTunes. It remains to be seen how prominently Google will play in the music-vending game. It feels creepy for Google to be trying to cash-in on musicians’ “commodity,” while they’re the most heavily-funded internetric entity in the world. Spotify’s American assets are owned by Google. And Google wants to profit from musicians immediately by charging them $25 to establish their own artist page. Does Google charge people for making Google+ pages? No.

    Do most musicians know that they can submit their own MP3s to Amazon, for free, through Createspace – and manufacture and sell their CDs through Createspace, as well? On-demand manufacture and sale of CDs (and books, and DVDs) – that’s really the way to go. No dead inventory; no gigantic up-front cost to have manufactured it.

    Do most musicians know that Bandcamp’s percentage-cut is so ridiculously low, and its diversity of formats and flexibility of sales are setting incredible examples that the online-distribution industry should be following? (It’s free to post music for sale on Bandcamp, by the way.)

    Tunecore is great – but musicians should be careful where they let their music be “sold” – that is, watch out for who else it really is who stands to profit from its sales, and how much they (the musicians) have to shell-out just to get their music “distributed.”

    • Anonymous


      great info! thank you for posting.

      I have not checked in awhile, but when TuneCore first struck a deal with Amazon, it got better payout rates for its customers than if they went through CreateSpace
      I do not know if this is still the case


  • Avi Wisnia

    Thank you tunecore for being at the forefront of whats happening in distribution and in the music industry in general. until you can break the system and go around the giants, you have to be present in the system, in all areas possible. Google may be huge, but at least it is finally providing an alternative to iTunes. more choice is always better. Keep us posted when Google is a Go.  Thanks again
    _avi wisnia (

  • Charlie

    so i already had a google profile to claim… so i got to do it for free… however… if i wish to collect the funds through tunecore i could conceivably list through tunecore… and it be displayed on my current google music profile?

    • Anonymous


      I asked Artist Support to follow up with you directly

      The short version is, this all depends on Google who may not have everything refined just yet

  • Jimmy Roman

    . I joined tune core  couple of days ago it has been a great experience.  This is my very first Spanish song and i have heard great-thins already.. I have being told is good and relaxing.. lets make it a Latin Grammy..

  • Anonymous

    I think Google Music needs to build an infrastructure to handle compilation albums (with more than one artist on one album). Tunecore does this very well. I just don’t think it’s ready on the Google Music side yet.

  • Fabianoguit

    why do not distribute in Brazil?

  • Willblacmusic

    Is there any new news about when google will be ready to accept Tunecore distribution?

    • Anonymous

      We have test packages going back and forth

      The hold up is on the Google side, but Im guessing within the next 10 days

  • Bobnamy

    It sounds great to me. Tune Core is too expensive for me and my small audience .

    • Anonymous

      $4 a month?

  • Brendan S

    Any updated news?

    • Anonymous

      still waiting on Google, but there has been a flurry of activity as of last Thursday.
      seems like it should be live within the next 7 – 10 days provided Google does not slow down

      • Brendan S

        Awesome! Any knowledge of an artist merging their G+ page (or creating one via it)? I’m assuming this will all happen upon artist page design after claiming of page…

  • Hostage

    Both do a good job but TuneCore is for the artist. Google has a massive way of distributing music but we don’t know all the details.
    Deepress Entertainment is an East Coast(NYC,NJ,PA) based company that offers an Independent Record Label and Publishing.  In addition to offering Music Production and Artist Development, we work with all genres and specialize in Hip Hop and R&B.
    Phone (908) 445-5584

    • scup

      yeah we do,

  • Fork2323

    Will I be able to sell some tracks Album Only on google music like i can on itunes and amazon?

    • Anonymous

      at some point in the near future we should have that set up

  • Markrk13

    Mark Resnick,10days,Life’s Jagged Edges,Tears of the Lonely,Hearts on Fire,Naughty Boyfriend,Young&Blue,Rolata,available on tunecore.

  • Memolano

    Is this still on hold. I want to release my stuff in Google, but I want to do it through TuneCore. It has been almost a month since the last update and I still can’t find a way to distribute to Google music. Does anybody have an idea of what’s going on?

    • Anonymous

      never was on hold

      just waiting on google – test deliveries are all completed and we are now waiting for production credentials from Google
      i suspect by the end of this week middle of next week

  • James Braddell

    So if the artist is resident in the UK does that mean that Tunecore can upload content on their behalf.

    • Anonymous


  • brendan

    ETA still this week?

    • Anonymous

      i asked google that myself yesterday

      they did not yet respond

      all the test packages were successfully delivered, we just need google to give us “production account” credentials so the music gets distributed to their “real” server as opposed to their “test” server

  • Alex

    We currently distribute ringtones through TuneCore, and we do well from it, I would love to know when I can distribute these to the Android market, is there a date for this?

    Keep up the great work

  • Brad Reynolds

    Will google music sales be reflected in the weekly trend reports?

    • Anonymous


      unfortunately Google does not provide us trending information like iTunes.
      We would very much like them to, and if they do start to provide them, we will make certain to pass them onto you

  • Bmzpower

    whats the latest?  any updates?

    • Anonymous

      it went live some time ago

      we emailed the entire customer base

      you can log into your TuneCore account and add Google Music to any release

      • Bmzpower

        Actually I think I remember that email now, cool thanks.

  • Mark Resnick

    Mark Resnick,Life’s Jagged Edges available on Tuncore

  • Mark Resnick

    Mark Resnick,Life’s Jagged Edges on itunes,reverbnation,,myspace,youtube,jango radio,cdbaby,tunecore.