Valentine’s Day #TuneCoreLove Playlist

For Valentine’s Day we wanted to celebrate our love for TuneCore Artists. We’ve put together a playlist of love-themed songs submitted by TuneCore Artists who showed us their #TuneCoreLove.

Enjoy the music!

Summertime’s End – “Valentine’s Day”

Glass Pear – “Wild Place”

Moses Melkonian – “We Are Mighty, We Are Young”

Meghan Tonjes – “Tell Me”

Andy Oliver – “Save The Last Dance”

Azure’ Jihan – “Baby It’s Rainin'”

Sir Gant & The Invisible Force (feat. Marc Nelson) – “I’m Gonna Miss You”

J Rice – “Thank You For The Broken Heart”

The Civil Wars – “Poison & Wine”

Ryan Beatty – “Every Little Thing”

Kevin Fowler – “That Girl”

Madison Hudson – “Tommy”

Olivia – “Walk Away”

Fabion – “Wear My Name”

Golden Boy (Fospassin) – “It’s On”

  • Deputy130

    Wow very disappointed. No Madison Hudson.

    • Anonymous

      Oops! Meant to include Madison Hudson- thanks for following up!

      Adding now…

      • Deputy130

        Thanks but her name is Madison Hudson not Madison Hunter. Thanks for adding her though!!

        • Anonymous

          Sorry again! Fixed!

  • Deputy130

    Wow very disappointed. No Madison Hudson.