Gadgets We Like: GoChords Makes Writing Songs Easy With Its Web-Based Tool & App

GoChords was founded on the belief that you shouldn’t need to be able to read music in order to write it. This free tool, available as both a web-program and an app (for the iPhone, iPad, and Android) makes it easy for musicians of any level to compose music for whatever instrument they choose. All you need to know how to do is “drag-and-drop” chord symbols on top of the lyrics you’ve typed in. GoChords is stocked with a huge library of chord shapes, but if you don’t find what you’re looking for, you have the option of creating custom chord shapes.

Once you’re happy with your creation, you’ll probably want to share it with your friends. GoChords lets you email your song sheet to friends, and also gives you the option of creating groups in which you can show off your chords.

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  • Sal pedi

    Well….you certainly don’t have to convince me of how wonderful “GOCHORDS”   is!!!..
    Before this sensational program came out, I had thought of how I could be able to move my
    chord progressiona around to suit just me.  Well!….it did happen!…and I LOVE IT!…

    Look, I’m an over 80 year old man who would go nuts if he didn’t have his ukulele to play with.
    My problem was that I’ve got small freakin’ fingers, and I simply can’t reach some of those freakin’ chords. So, I was just about was ready to give up when I came across GOCHORDS!..

    I also use a book to help me with these “chord substitues” that have given my life a knew meaning, with the help of course gochords….
    The book is called: “BARITONE UKULELE CHORD FINDER” the book gives me three (3) 
    different chords substitutes for ONE CHORD. I bought it from…

    I therefore take the “path of least resistance” with these chord substitutes. So, instead of
    using, say, four fingers for a given chord, I only use two or the MOST three fingers.
    Look, I don’t plan on giving a ukulele Recital at CARNEGIE HALL in the near future, so I’m
    just a happy old man with my ukes (I have three baritone ukes that I dearly love!”..

    And, being an extremely critical old cuss, I critic all my playiing of songs from GOCHORD,
    and for my money, I think I sound pretty darn decent!.. (I play only for mysel of course )..

    I keep adding songs to my GOchord music library, and I swore I was gonna slow down a bit.
    But, when I hear a song that I like, I submit to my weakness and start writing it onto gochords..

    Two of my three baritone ukes are “amplified”, meaning they have a “pick up” so that I can
    play the uke with amplification…but, I rarely ever use that amp when playing. The baritone uke
    without amplification sounds pretty good alone…

    And, I can’t thank Charlie and the rest of the group at gochords for creating this piece
    of remarkable electronical  whatever (gochords)…

    And, I really should donate much much more to these chaps who created this, but I’ve already
    donated twice and I live on a small fixed income, which is slowly dwindling away….

    But, I do hope the best for Charlie and the gochord group, and hope they make “millions” with
    this superKalafragalistexpialdosush most sensational program…

    So, thank you, thank you and thank you..

    Sal  Pedi….

  • Rebecca A

    My problem is it says in the article iPhone, IPod, and IPad but there is only an iPad app

  • Charlie

     @e88fc52a9ae6e051b43b92353d19ed51:disqus  – sorry for any confusion on this point. Our iPhone/iPod edition is a mobile-friendly version of the website, which you can see at:
    It is somewhat similar to the iPad app in that is a “player” — it allows you to access all your music (and music shared with you) on your device, but doesn’t have song creation/editing capabilities (yet). Hope you find it useful. Let us know what you think.