SoundCheck Results: I Feel SXSW Is Valuable To…

Results to the poll: I feel SXSW is valuable to…

  • Mr NOBODY Jones

    I had rumblefish, via Utube try to claim that content or license copyrights belong to them.  I disputed the claim with verifiable proof that all rights were reserved by me; and they, in turn, reversed their claim.imediately.  As i was told by CD BABY, that rumblfish was just there to make sure that I received my due royalties; and that my dispute was reasonable, and would cause me no detrimental outcome.  I’m just wondering if I’ll receive any similar responses to my music from any ot my other affiliates.

    • Anonymous

      @Mr Nobody

      careful with Rumblefish, they also claim exclusive rights to represent public performances with entities like YouTube (user generated content)
      Ive seen and read the agreement

      Just know what you are signing – if you’re cool with it, thats all that matters