SoundCheck: Where Do You Stand On Grooveshark?

  • Kale_green

    blame the users that upload music…typically, an uploader is questioned whether thay OWN the master recording….Uhhh, how many people “own” the master for “purple haze” by Jimi hendrix for example? Correct; few to none. Yet, an owner of the LP or CD could upload the song into Grooveshark’s database…..Hence, I can hear Miles, Jimi, Eric, Johnny Rotten, etc. etc. — So, take your anger out on the Limewire liars that upload songs they do not own!!

  • Anonymous

    Many of my loved ones can’t use Spotify because it requires Facebook so they use Grooveshark instead. Because of this, I moved from Spotify to Grooveshark as well.