SoundCheck: How Do You Feel About Sampling?

  • Boogie B.

    Compulsory rates for lengths should be available so we can clear stuff quick and easy. You shouldn’t have to use services like DMG to send email and make all thes call just to get a clearance. You should just pay to a service and have thme log it in a database and so long as you paid your fees you should be good. High sample clearance prices suck from here to high heaven.

  • ReggieMotion PictureMusic Grou

    Sampling Is Cheating … We Need To Get to Work Skrilla Skregg So You Know who Said It!!!!

  • Zodiac Vibegraham

    You are right sampling may be stealing but look at Rise and Fall by Craig David.He sampled Key to my Heart from Sting in 2002 and the result was marvelous.

    Obvioulsy people must pat 20 Pounds as a Fine to offset the issue and move the money to the Copyright Right Office of every Country on Earth.

    Definately Part of the Industry especially at Night Clubs,Hotels,Parties,Radio and Tv Stations Airlines and Bus Companies.

    The fine is Small,It rakes in a lot of Money like a CD-ROM OR CD-RAM.