Free "25 Songs Of Summer" – Exclusive TuneCore Artist Compilation

We put together an exclusive TuneCore Artist summer compilation album. It’s now available for free download on AmazonMP3.

Download it now

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Below are the TuneCore Artists & tracks featured on the album…

1. Summertime On My Mind –  Kelley James
2. 5678! – Butterfly Boucher
3. Good Thing (the Gold Magic Version) – Cole Williams
4. Me Gusta (feat. Carlos Mora) – THEKINGROCKER
5. The Rain – Ruca Suca
6. Join the Infestation – Celleste
7. On Fire (feat. Richie Righteous) – Rawsrvnt
8. I Know – Trademark Aaron
9. Shorty (My Girlfriend) Got Me Cuffinn – Young Lye
10. New Direction –  God Cypher Divine
11. Calling On You – The Endangered
12. How High – Krmen
13. Where Is the Love (Spread the Music) {Radio Edit] (feat. Alexandra Star) – Enzo Darren
14. Watch the Moon Disappear – The Spring Standards
15. Praise to the Moon – Marco Ragni
16. How Did We Kiss – Xoe Wise
17. Two Pieces (feat. Shay Watson) – Nathan Brumley
18. Today – Critter Jones
19. Mercy – The Sights
20. House On the Hill – R2os
21. Someone Else – Lake Markham
22. The River – Lake Markham
23. Never On a Sunday – Granville Automatic
24. Soca Till We Die – Alison Hinds
25. Tropical Hideaway – Bruce Bergh

Thank you to all participating artists!

  • Melsharent


  • Marco ragni

    I’m honored to be in this compilation!! Enjoy folks!! 
    Marco Ragni – Praise to the moon –

  • Anewteal

    (Shorty Got Me Cuffinn) datz da song my frenz n i are i love with, shout out to *YOUNG LYE* for dat hitt summer song, my girlz are goin crazyyyy over it lov is lovvvvv 

    • Anoldseal

      aza dazza maksi manna, its sow wizzy make-a me dizzy

  • The download is available only in the U.S …… I’m not happy

  • Akeemclarke

    Young Lye is da new in thang, his (Shorty Got Me Cuffinn) track is hot firaa summer bangerr 4 the worldd ]]]

  • LWLisAwesome

    Go download Laughing With Lauren

  • Circle

    Why is the download only available in the US? Does it mean if I like any of the tracks and want to follow through by buying the artist’s work the Amazon shop will prevent me because I’m outside the US? I’m in Australia, that little island southwest of Hawaii.

    • tunecore

      The 25 Songs Of Summer Compilation was created as an AmazonMP3 U.S. only free download. So this does mean that the album can only be downloaded through AmazonMP3 U.S. Sorry for the inconvenience!

    • tunecore

      Because there is no AmazonMP3 store in Canada

      and the laws of each country prohibit the purchase


  • really surprising that “Back In My Head” is not on this list…

  • Bruce Bergh

    Hey, if you like the last cut, “Tropical Hideaway”, feel free to check out my Night Life album on the Recordings page at Thanks, Tunecore, for including the tune!

  • Mikko L76

    This is nonsense. One artist on this compilation advertised this freebie for ALL the fans from all over. Either change the policy wrt downloads or then simply state clearly that it is only available for the US based downloaders. There are countless sites allowing anybody from any part of the globe to download music from anywhere legally. Hence, legislation is a poor excuse. I have legally purchased and downloaded music from both sides of the Atlantic and other parts of the world so apologies for the inconvenience simply is not satisfactory. Slackness, although probably unintentional. Hopefully there will be a next time – just managed differently. But still, this IS an excellent compilation and a nice idea on the part of TuneCore. A great way to promote good music. I am happy for the US fans of great music. And to those who got it for nothing, count your blessings and enjoy it :D. The rest of us are just jealous.