Rock ‘N’ Roll Is King? (What Music Is Being Distributed And Bought Around The World)

We thought it would be pretty interesting to run some queries that identified the genres of releases being distributed by TuneCore Artists and then bought globally in the digital music services.  We’ve put together a few graphs below to show you what we found…

**To view the images larger, click on the text to download a PDF, or click on the image itself to enlarge**

TuneCore Artist Genre Distribution By Country – April 2011 – April 2012 (click to open as a PDF or click on the images below to enlarge)

An Interesting Observation: The US is remarkably well-distributed between genres. The UK and Canada buy more comedy and less hip-hop.

The 10 biggest countries by sales for TuneCore Artists are:


*The US has about 7.5x the sales in UK and 100x the sales in Italy

TuneCore Artist Genre Distribution June 2011 – May 2012

Top genres for albums are:

Hip Hop/Rap

Top genres for singles are:

Hip Hop/Rap

Genre Distribution, Sales Revenue for Active Releases, Last 12 Months

  • Scobie Ryder

    WTF iS COMEDY??? and  who is  releasing  it??

    • Anonymous

      spoken word

  • Scobie Ryder

    One  small  gripe…why  change  the  color  of  the  music genres on each pie  chart!!??

    Not  a  smooth   experience! 
    Why?!? is Comedy is  red  in Canada  and  Blue  in the  UK etc etc.
    Headache time:-D

    • Anonymous

      i think excel just did that on its own


    That’s a pitty tendency. Comedy style suits better for show business, rather then for music industry. I hope the traditional professional music industry won’t face such comedy songs, as “Come on and Dance” (Russia, Eurovision 2012), coz such clawns do not develop the current music industry market. Besides, russian eurovision artists, known as@aca3943f8b4792d40a499b00b2acccc6:disqus “Buranovsky Babushki”, have returned to their villages to plant food in their gardens.. who’s gonna care of music industry then? Look no further. Here is Ukraine – the great example of social degradation, caused by comedy music. 
    Take care, Rock on!!     

  • Tony Kent

    So there’s obviously no demand for easy listening.

  • Michael Mays

    What constitutes singer/songwriter?

    • Anonymous

      self categorization by the artist

      they pick the genre they would like to be classified under

      but it tends to be more vocal and acoustic guitar/folk oriented


  • Anonymous

     I’m interested in the distinctions between soundtrack, instrumental, and new age. These stats are very interesting — particularly the difference in between countries.

  • luckyval

    Great article. Could you please explain those categories a bit more…like, where would House music go? Electronic or Dance? Where is Downtempo/Chill, Lounge music and as Tony Kent mentioned Easy Listening? is it Instrumental? Thank you!

    • Anonymous

      the categories were self selected by the customers


  • Kevin

    Dance and electronic is very low would it be better to go 2 a local record company because im trying to produce only hit’s or would tunecore be the best for Dance/Electronic genre distributing?

  • Kevin

    Last 12 months looked cool the next 12 months will be interesting hopefully dance, electronic & house can go up