#TCVideoFridays – June 1st 2012

Did you know that you can now distribute videos to iTunes via TuneCore? For more information click here or contact video@tunecore.com.

Here are a few music videos distributed by TuneCore.  Check them out in iTunes!

737, “Beauty For Ashes (feat. Level 3:16)”

VIAnimados, “Los Pollitos Pio Pio”

VIAnimados, “Un Pajarito Vino Hoy”

And below we’ve got a few more videos for #TCVideoFridays from TuneCore Artists.  Enjoy!

Pastor Ad3, “The Way You Do It (feat. Snoope)”

Matthew Mayfield, “Fire Escape (feat. Brittany Snow)”

Meg & Bryan, “Expire”

Matthew Perryman Jones, “Save You”

Ariel Rubin, “Big Spoon”

Maurice, “Be the Change”

20 Amp Soundchild, “Lights Go Out”