10 TuneCore Artist Videos We Think Are Awesome

We wanted to feature a few great music videos to take your mind off the summer heat. Hope you enjoy these TuneCore Artists as much as we do, and let us know in the comments below what videos we missed!


Shane Dawson, “The Vacation Song”

Marc Scibilia, “Bright Day Coming”

Ruby Jane, “Wake Up”

Alpines, “Empire”

Dawn Richard, “Automatic”

Daniel Crawford, “Second Fiddle”

Jack and White, “Telephone Line (feat. Fitz)”

Pretty Lights, “You Get High”

Mindy Smith, “Closer”

Precious Paris, “Do Your Thing”

Hey TuneCore Artists, did you know that you can now distribute videos to iTunes via TuneCore? For more information click here or contact video@tunecore.com.

  • Fresh Talent ent.

    How do I submit my music video for consideration? I clicked the link for music video distribution but Im assuming that is something different than the 10 featured videos you share. Would love more info.


    Highdro feat. Gia K -“Occupy”

    • tunecore

      Hi there,

      We feature videos on our blog every week. For consideration, please tweet a link to your video with the hashtag #TCVideoFridays and we’ll check it out! Thanks!

      • ottovr

        Check out ‘Parallel Universe’ by AVANT DUEL @ www.youtube.com/avantduel  BEYOND HUMAN Dimensions, where Cognitive Dissonance Rules & there are NO RULES!

      • Fresh Talent ent.

        Ok will do. Keep an eye out for, Highdro – “Occupy”.  Thanks!

  • http://www.MarvelousOne.com/ Marvelous One

    Wow, look at this Precious Paris on here. Nice. I told G-Unit execs to just distribute G-Unit records through Tunecore and forget Interscope since they were giving them problems. Looks like they heeded my word lol

  • Jobmusicproduct

    Your rates for video distribution are outrageously high!  It’s impossible, for an independent to publish them videos.

    • tunecore

      Hi there,

      Here’s some more info on TuneCore video distribution:

      First you keep 100% of your sales with video distribution.

      TuneCore uses an Apple Preferred video encoding house. This is required to deliver to iTunes. This vendor has costs that are associated with quality control (they review each frame of all videos) as well as encoding.

      TuneCore’s prices are based on our vendor costs, the amount of time it takes to process each video as well as the features you get with distribution such as sales reporting and customer service.

      • Grainger

        Costs of video encoding … ah … = cost pressing the button.

        By the way, video distribution on youtube costs $0 …

  • http://twitter.com/Dodlaw Peter Law

    Loved that song “Closer” by Mindy Smith

  • ottovr

    Where is ‘Parallel Universe’ by AVANT DUEL?  Check it out @ http://www.youtube.com/avantduel BEYOND HUMAN Dimensions, where Cognitive Dissonance Rules & there are NO RULES!

    • Grainger

       only AVANT DUEL knows about it, that’s why it’s not here …

  • John Edwards

    nice, but where is ‘(Why Did They Kill) Joe Hill’ by HellsBelles ???

    Check it out @ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rY5xPMFmHzs and the band version@9d914074658dadabadeff01961b7c8b9:disqus@http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cZWB-PglYnM 

  • Freddy-D

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WoxSwnujwCY Let me be By Freddy d Ft Akila Music Video