#TCVideoFridays – August 3rd 2012

Remember what day it is? #TCVideoFridays of course! Let’s start off with a few great videos distributed by TuneCore…

Honors English, “Palin and Bachman”

Futuristic Lingo, “X’s & O’s (feat. Cocoa Sarai)”

IHOPKC Worship, “Onething Live – Magnificent Obsession”


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Now on to a few more music videos from talented TuneCore Artists…

Midi Matilda, “Love & The Movies”

Julia Price, “Girlfriend”

Moones, “Better Energy”

Montgomery Gentry, “Where I Come From”

The Vespers, “Grinnin In Your Face”

Portia Conn, “Little White Lies”

EES, “Ya Rocka (feat. Fresh Family)”

Amy Stroup, “Hold Onto Hope Love”