#TCVideoFridays October 12th, 2012

Finally, it’s #TCVideoFridays! We’ve got a great roundup of videos from TuneCore Artists.

As you know, TuneCore distributes music videos to iTunes (more info here), so we’re starting off today’s roundup with a few videos that we distributed to iTunes…

Melissa Gorga, “I Just Wanna (feat. Satino Noir)”

Jason Reeves, “More In Love With You (feat. Nelly Joy)

And now, a few more videos…

J.Dash, “Transformer (feat. Lara Johnston)”

Lori McKenna, “Sometimes He Does”

Little People, “Aldgate Patterns”

Alyson Greenfield, “Mama Said Knock You Out”

Tyler Bryant & the Shakedown, “Say A Prayer”

Turf War, “Cheers To The Years”

Andy Suzuki & The Method, “Take Care Of Me”

Les Racquet, “Man Will Do”