#TCVideoFridays – October 19th 2012

Time for your weekly #TCVideoFridays post. We’ll start off today with a music video TuneCore distributed to iTunes.  (If you weren’t aware we can help you with that, click here!).

Kristinia Debarge - Cry Wolf

Kristinia DeBarge, “Cry Wolf”

 And now for some videos from TuneCore Artists who performed (and are still performing!) at CMJ 2012…

Men and Whales, “My Time With You”

Mount Moriah, “The Letting Go”

Tiny Victories, “Mr Bones”

Monsters Calling Home, “Growing Up”

Lily & The Parlour Tricks, “Poison Song”

Jacob Jeffries Band, “Crazy Under The Moon”

Idgy Dean, “Onion’s Milk”

Late Cambrian, “Ryan Gosling”

The Dead Ships, “Amaze”