#TCVideoFridays – November 30th 2012

We’re back with another edition of #TCVideoFridays! We’ll start out with a few music videos TuneCore distributed to iTunes…

Young Kato Break OutYoung Kato, “Break Out”

Dijon Talton Wild OutDijon Talton, “Wild Out”

Sarah Brightman AngelSarah Brightman, “Angel”

…and now a few more videos for your viewing pleasure.

Andy Allo, “People Pleaser”

The Midnight Beast, “The Return of the Boyband”

Jake Miller, “A Million Lives”

Apparatjik & Lowell, “Shake Him Off”

Bitter Ruin, “Child in a Seacave”

The Candle Thieves, “Weatherman”

Natalie Angiuli, “New Hands”

Casey Desmond, “Talking to God”