Jim Carrey’s “Cold Dead Hand” Out Now Through TuneCore

Sunday marked the release of Jim Carrey’s music video spoof targeting gun enthusiasts.  In the Funny or Die video for “Cold Dead Hand,” Carrey openly expresses his frustration toward the gun problem by portraying the late NRA President Charlton Heston, along with actors who represent peace promoters. The title for the track comes from Heston’s quote that gun control advocates would need to pry his guns “from my cold, dead hands.”

Watch the full video below of Carrey and alternative rock band the Eels as they play “Lonesome Earl And The Clutterbusters,”

“Cold Dead Hand” is available for download on iTunes, distributed by TuneCore.



  • Wyrmspleen

    they only want important elite people to have permission to carry guns

  • Freedom

    Regarding Sandy Hook, Middle Class, No Criminal history, Not old enough to even have a gun, influenced by a video game. The mother was a law abiding citizen. even if there was a tougher law, what good would it had done in this situation. A simple father figure would probably done more good. Instead of the government weakening family bonds, PART OF THE BIGGER PROBLEM!!!!! Relationships, Relationship. IMPORTANT. Gotta start at the source of the problem. Pointless Jim Carrey, But I guess your timing is good.

  • MultiWriter

    I love Jim Carrey. Actually worked with him once. But this sucks.
    Why do these people think they can degrade a whole culture (Country music fans, gun owners, people who consider themselves patriots) and think it’s ok, when the same people would jump down the throat of anyone who made fun of gays or African Americans like this? And laughing because he shot his foot off? Talking about someone killing his wife and kids? It’s not funny. What makes people think they can dehumanize and demonize someone just because they don’t agree with their politics? That was Hitler’s favorite trick with the Jews. It sure worked then. Most of the population thought it was ok to gas that segment of the population because of Hitler’s propaganda machine putting Jewish leader’s heads on animal bodies and dehumanizing them – making them seem like animals. This current regime of little Nazis treat animals better than humans. In reference to Jim’s line about what God will do with Mr. Heston, God help THESE jokers when they get to heaven’s gate. “Let’s see, 1. laughed at others’ suffering, 2. degraded others, 3 bullying, 4. suggesting killing people is funny… hmmm. We’re going to have to have you wait over there in that special line, Mr. Carrey, until we decide what to do with you.”