Distribute Your Music to Gracenote & Shazam Today

We’re excited to announce that we now distribute to Gracenote and Shazam!  When you send your releases to these new stores they’ll audio fingerprint your tracks so your song titles and artist name will show up when your fans listen to your music on almost any device.  Plus, your fans will get a direct link to buy your music in stores.

A little more on the stores….


Gracenote Music ID lets mobile device users identify songs  playing at home, in the car, in stores, on the street, etc.  And their global metadata platform powers the content for over 3,000 partners including iTunes, Google, Amazon Cloud Player, Spotify, Omnifone and several major car manufacturers.


Shazam makes it easy for their 350+ million app users worldwide to hear, tag, discover and purchase your music.  Tapping on the Shazam button on the app brings up the album, track and artist name of the song playing, plus direct links to buy the track from stores like iTunes and Amazon MP3, and streaming service Rdio.

Ready to send your music to these stores to be discovered by new fans? Shazam is free to add for a limited time, and Gracenote is only $1.98 per release.

Click here to add Gracenote and Shazam to your releases today!

Fore more info on these discovery-based music services, just type their names into our help section.

  • Michael La’Del Carter

    this is big news to me! This means that just by Tune-core’s efforts I have the privilege of an expanded fan base or fan base opportunity. Tune Core I am really impressed.

    Michael La’Del Carter
    “My Dearest April featuring Anger Mountain” released July 23rd, 20013 Tune Core.

    • tunecore

      Hey Michael,

      Thanks for the great feedback. We’re excited about these new store additions and will continue to add more down the road!

  • Arsi Rey

    The music business is very tough…. Tunecore makes it easy …. the small fish get to compete with the big fish…. evening out the playing field …. :)

    • tunecore

      Hi Arsi,

      Thanks for your comment – we’re happy to make it possible for all artists to get their music sold and discovered around the world!

  • benny blanka