New TuneCore Summer Compilation Album – Submit Your Music Now!

Last summer we created a TuneCore Artist Compilation 25 Songs of Summer to get the word out about TuneCore Artists and help generate new fans.  This year we want to continue with the summer tradition.  Introducing our newest compilation: 25 Songs of Summer 2013.

Past TuneCore promotional compilation albums have seen over 300,000 downloads, and they consistently rank in the Top 10 for free albums on Amazon MP3 U.S. around their release dates.

Being a featured artist on a TuneCore compilation album is a unique opportunity to find new fans who may not know your music.

All TuneCore Artists are invited to submit new music for this compilation.  Any new release distributed by TuneCore between July 8-28, 2013 is eligible as long as you submit the compilation entry form by July 28th.

Ready to get your music heard by more people?

Click here to learn more about the compilation and submit your new music.

  • Still here ep Gmoney Wilkerson

    Still here ep

  • Josie Wall

    Hmm that’s nice. But what’s your criteria for promotion of songs? How more people are invited?

    • tunecore

      Hi Josie,

      The TuneCore compilations are featured on Amazon MP3’s list of top free album downloads, and we promote these albums through our social channels and in email. All TuneCore Artists are eligible to distribute and submit new music. Here’s a link to the compilation album you can submit for now: