A 6-Second Guide to Marketing Your Band on Vine

By Sarah Lynch

You might be labouring under the misapprehension that 10 seconds isn’t enough time to accomplish anything.

You’re wrong.

It takes 7 seconds for the brain to form a positive or negative impression of a new acquaintance and two-tenths of a second to establish a first impression of a website.

Even frisky lions can wrap up a mating session in under 6 seconds flat – pretty impressive when you consider that’s little more than it will take you to finish this sentence.

With all that can be achieved in this miniscule snippet of time, it’s little wonder that Vine’s popularity has grown like a weed. A micro-video app owned by Twitter, Vine caters to our ever-dwindling attention spans by allowing users to record and share videos in 6-second loops.

With over 40 million active users worldwide, many bands are now successfully using the app as an effective short-form marketing tool.

Through the Grapevine

In internet years Vine is still in the infancy of its development, so few users have managed to attract large followings.

This means that early adopters and musicians have a unique opportunity to carve out niche markets and discover exactly what the platform is capable of.

How to Branch Out

1. Media appearances

Record a Vine about any upcoming media appearances.  Absurdity and fun are common themes among the most popular Vine videos, so keep your content light, creative and entertaining.

2. Teaser videos

Create short teaser clips.  Whet the appetite of fans by only sharing the bare minimum you’d like them to see.  Good subjects for winning videos are pre-show warm-ups, recording sessions, or exclusive sneak peeks of an upcoming album cover.

Arcade Fire’s ‘Reflektor’ teaser is one of the best recent examples of this strategy generating a fan frenzy in the lead up to their album release.

3. Behind the scenes

Fans go wild for behind-the-scenes footage of their favourite band, so post snippets from tours, shows, footage of cooking misadventures or clips of unwitting after-party incidents with band members.

Literally anything can be used to promote your band.  Take a look at how musician, Noah Wall, created an interactive song by using ordinary household objects, for example.

4. Live footage

Take a clip from a live gig, especially if you have more shows left in a tour.  This builds anticipation and excitement for fans, who love seeing things from a musician’s perspective, and will try to pick themselves out from the crowd.

5. Involve fans

Accumulate a backlog of unique videos of your band by asking fans to shoot live footage of you on stage.

This provides your Vine channel with two unrepeatable features: firstly, an interesting series of clips shot from different user perspectives; secondly, an ongoing supply of user-curated content.

Don’t forget to remind fans to hashtag you!

6. Think outside the Vine

Create a themed video series that tells a story in multiple parts – moving word art messages or flip books, for example.  Many bands are also creating 6-second mini-video clips.  If produced compellingly, this can capture the imagination of fans, luring them to listen to your full track, saving you the time, effort and the expense of filming an entire 3-4 minute clip.

Engage fans by holding a competition and offer a private meeting, free merchandise or another relevant incentive.


When developing ideas for videos, remember that life is pretty insular for most fans, who are likely to be stuck working an ordinary 9-5 pm day job.  Vine affords a beautiful and rare snapshot into life through someone else’s viewfinder.  Paint fans a pretty picture of your experiences in music and you will easily capitalize on this fountain of free promotion.

A lot can happen in 6 seconds.

Make each one count.

Sarah Lynch is content manager and all round creative spark at Jaden Social, a Digital music marketing agency based in Sydney. To hear more social media and marketing musings from Sarah you can catch her for weekly installments on the Jaden Social blog or follow her on Twitter.

10 Spooky Songs You’re Dying to Hear

With Halloween upon us, we would be remiss not to get into the trick-or-treating mood by listening to some spooky songs.  Some are from TuneCore Artists, some are Halloween classics (come on, we weren’t NOT going to include “Thriller”), some have spooky names, and others have spooky melodies.

In any case, we’ve got a little something for every ghost, goblin and Supermarket Sweep Contestant (I was thinking out-of-the-box, ok?) to enjoy.  So don your hat and broomstick, take out that candy bowl you’ve been trying not to touch since last year, and enjoy some spooky music!  (insert Jaws theme song)

Lauren Mandel, “Welcome to the House of Freaks”

Michael Jackson, “Thriller”

Pixikill, “Vampire”

Epic Rap Battles of History, “Batman vs. Sherlock Holmes”

Tower of Silence, “Death Angel”

Royksopp, “What Else Is There”

Pretty Lights, “Wrong Platform”

deadmau5, “Ghost n Stuff (feat. Rob Swire)”

Alice Cooper, “Feed My Frankenstein”

Darling Parade, “Ghost”

TuneCore Launches Composition Manager for Royalty Transparency

Music Publishing Administration Tool Facilitates Quicker Royalty Collecting for Songwriters

New York, NY, October 30, 2013

TuneCore, the premier provider of digital music distribution, announced today a major enhancement to its Music Publishing Administration Service with the launch of a new tool that provides songwriters unprecedented insights into the composition registration process, along with actionable feedback. The tool will facilitate quicker registrations and more efficient royalty collection by TuneCore from over 60 countries.

“Successful end-to-end composition registration and royalty collection is dependent upon a multi-step, coordinated process involving the songwriter, publishing administrator, digital music stores and local collection societies in over 60 countries. TuneCore has simplified the royalty collecting process with a web-based portal that is virtually paperless and is available to all songwriters worldwide,” says Jamie Purpora, President of Music Publishing Administration. Purpora continues, “With the launch of Composition Manager, we’ve created even more efficiencies by giving songwriters a tool to quickly see and resolve any registration issues like missing splits or disputes, which expedites TuneCore’s ability to collect royalties due to songwriters.”

Another potential revenue earning opportunity for our songwriters is the recently launched TuneCore Sync and Master Licensing Database. The invite-only website is a valuable source for the industry’s top Music Supervisors to find new music for their film, TV, video game and other commercial-use projects. In addition to negotiating the most favorable rights and ensuring compositions are licensed legally, TuneCore Music Publishing Administration in-house Creative is in daily contact with buyers across all media to actively pitch TuneCore administered compositions based on the buyers’ current needs. TuneCore administered compositions are already featured in a range of projects, including: “Merrild Coffee” commercial, ESPN promotion spots, FOX Sports MLB promotion spots, FOX’s “So You Think You Can Dance,” ABC Family’s “The Vineyard” and 20th Century Fox film “Epic.”

Artists using both TuneCore Music Publishing Administration and Music Distribution services fully maximize their revenue and get these three benefits. First, the distribution sales activity creates an audit trail, which TuneCore uses to verify that the correct royalties are being paid. Second, the compositions are available in the TuneCore Sync and Master Licensing Database for potential commercial use. Lastly, the royalty earnings and sales revenue are put in an artist’s individual account for a holistic view of all their earnings collected by TuneCore.

About TuneCore
TuneCore is the premiere digital music distributor with one of the highest artist revenue-generating music catalogs in the world. TuneCore Music Distribution, for an annual flat fee, provides an effective, affordable solution for artists, labels and managers to distribute to iTunes, Amazon MP3, Spotify, Google Play and other major download and streaming sites and enables artists to keep 100% of their sales revenue and all of their rights. TuneCore Artists, who range from newcomers to high-profile performers, have earned over $330 million on over 4 billion downloads and streams and shared their successes within the artist community. TuneCore Music Publishing Administration licenses and registers songwriters’ compositions and collects royalties worldwide. The in-house Creative Team and the Sync & Master Licensing Database provide Music Supervisors access to TuneCore Artists’ music for placements in TV, Film, Commercials and Video Games.

Register Your Compositions Faster for Songwriter Royalty Collection

The process of composition registration and royalty collection involves multiple steps and coordination between the songwriter, publishing administrator, digital music stores and local collection societies in over 60 countries.  With all of this happening, it can be difficult for songwriters to know exactly where they are in the process and if there’s anything they need to do to speed things along.

Luckily, this process just got a whole lot easier for songwriters. We’ve launched a new, web-based portal within our Publishing Administration service that will give you ultimate transparency into the composition registration process: Composition Manager.  Through the tool you can see and resolve any registration issues like missing splits or disputes, which expedites our ability to collect your songwriter royalties.

So what does this mean for you?

If you’re a TuneCore Music Publishing Administration customer anywhere in the world, you can now submit all of your splits on one page in your account, plus check on the status of your compositions.  Each composition in your TuneCore account (both those you’ve distributed and those you haven’t finished yet), will have a status next to them so you can always see exactly where that composition is in the registration process (status definitions below).

You’ll also be able to see if we need more information from you to complete the process.  For example, we’ll highlight if there’s a split missing from one of your compositions, or if there’s a dispute to resolve.

And just a note about submitting your splits: You can now easily submit your splits for multiple compositions at the same time which makes the process even speedier.

There’s a lot to see on the page so we put together a snapshot to better explain.

(Click on the image to view a larger version)


As you can see, Composition Manager lets you identify which compositions require actions on your part before we can register them, which are currently in the registration process, and which of your compositions aren’t administered (“Not Administered” means you either didn’t write the composition, or you don’t control any percentage of it).

What’s your status?

There are a variety of different states your composition can be in, and you’ll be able to see this right from your account.  Here are the possible statuses and what they mean:

These require an action on your part (they’re color-coded):

Dispute – A dispute has been reported for your composition. (Don’t worry, we’ll help!)

Splits missing: You haven’t told us your writer share for the composition.

Not distributed yet: You need to distribute the release before we can register your composition.

No need to do anything if you see the following:

Splits submitted: We are preparing your compositions for registration with PROs, societies, and digital stores worldwide.

Sent for Registration: We’ve sent your composition information to PROs, collection societies, and digital stores worldwide, and we’re now waiting for confirmation of your registration.

Registered: Hooray! We’ve successfully registered your composition with PROs, collection societies, and digital stores worldwide. Your compositions are registered and you’re now eligible to collect songwriter royalties.

Start using Composition Manager!

Tired of reading this post and ready to get started collecting your songwriter royalties? Sign up for TuneCore Music Publishing Administration and submit your splits so we can start the royalty collection process.

Just remember, you can only use the new tool to submit splits for compositions that were distributed through TuneCore.  If you have compositions to add that weren’t distributed through TuneCore, that’s no problem.  Just click here for more info.

iTunes Holiday Delays – Plan Ahead!

The good folks at iTunes take two holiday breaks, so it’s important to plan ahead to make sure your music gets to iTunes for the largest music-buying season of the year.

We don’t have the exact dates yet, but just to give you an idea of what to expect, iTunes didn’t accept any new releases last year between December 22nd and January 1st. and there were delays on music released around Thanksgiving.

So, in order to make sure you don’t miss your release date by getting caught in the holiday closings or delays likely to follow, plan ahead and distribute your new music as soon you can.  Earlier to iTunes = more time for fans to buy your new music.

If you’re working on an album that won’t be ready for early holiday distribution, consider releasing a single now.

Also, keep in mind that the iTunes holiday deadlines apply to pre-orders too.

It’s like we always say, the early bird gets the iTunes holiday sales.  (Ok fine, that went too far.)

Distribute your holiday music today!

New Music Tuesday: Oct. 29, 2013

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