10 Spooky Songs You’re Dying to Hear

With Halloween upon us, we would be remiss not to get into the trick-or-treating mood by listening to some spooky songs.  Some are from TuneCore Artists, some are Halloween classics (come on, we weren’t NOT going to include “Thriller”), some have spooky names, and others have spooky melodies.

In any case, we’ve got a little something for every ghost, goblin and Supermarket Sweep Contestant (I was thinking out-of-the-box, ok?) to enjoy.  So don your hat and broomstick, take out that candy bowl you’ve been trying not to touch since last year, and enjoy some spooky music!  (insert Jaws theme song)

Lauren Mandel, “Welcome to the House of Freaks”

Michael Jackson, “Thriller”

Pixikill, “Vampire”

Epic Rap Battles of History, “Batman vs. Sherlock Holmes”

Tower of Silence, “Death Angel”

Royksopp, “What Else Is There”

Pretty Lights, “Wrong Platform”

deadmau5, “Ghost n Stuff (feat. Rob Swire)”

Alice Cooper, “Feed My Frankenstein”

Darling Parade, “Ghost”