Hip Hop Artist JoJo Shares His ‘I am TuneCore’ Story + Indie Artist Tips

Hip hop recording artist and producer JoJo took a minute to share with us why he partners with TuneCore (for Distribution and Publishing), plus a few tips for other independent artists. Find out how he’s found success without a major label…

I am TuneCore because…

…they helped me make a living doing what I love. I heard about TuneCore years back but never got in-depth with it until recently. I have my publishing deal, and all of my royalties. TuneCore makes it so easy and their neat and unique system is quite user friendly. My fan base is growing daily because of TuneCore’s service—my album has over 160,000 streams on Spotify, and I’ve received many tweets from people saying they love it. TuneCore really is amazing.


Here’s a tip…

The number one tip I would give to an independent artist is definitely to plan ahead. Timing is everything and organization is the key to success, so get your goals together and do something every day that will bring  you closer to that goal. I started my career in 2011 with zero YouTube subscribers and now I have over 20k. I had five Twitter followers and now I have over 300,000 and I’m verified. I’m still independent—you don’t need a record deal. TuneCore is like my label. They helped me and for that I am grateful. One more tip: be different, don’t follow the crowd. Find your own style that people notice you for.

  • JokeJoke

    Dude should call himself JokeJoke. Spent more money on fake followers than he’s ever made selling music.

    160,000 spotify streams? About $700. Some living.

    If you are a REAL musician, don’t listen to this kind of bs. This whole Tunecore campaign is filled with damaging lies at the expense of the artists, as per the usual.