#TCVideoFridays – November 29th 2013

Belly full of Turkey? Don’t move. Watch these music videos instead…

 D.A., “Glowing”

Pretty Taking All Fades, “Boss Ass Bitch”

The Lylas, “Come Back”

Birch Hill Dam, “Fathoms Below”

Miss Erika Davies, “I Love You, I Do”

Brandon & Leah, “Showstopper”

Jay Nash, “Never Takes Too Long”

Zak Waters, “Skinny Dipping in the Deep End”

Fast Romantics, “Funeral Song”

Boyce Avenue, “Stay (feat. Mandy Lee)”

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11 Reasons Why We’re Thankful to Be Artists

As the turkey is passed around the table and we get ready to enter food comas, people around the country take a little time to reflect on the positive things in their lives.  As music is so important to all of us, we wanted to let the TuneCore community share why they’re thankful to be artists…

“I am thankful for being a musician because it makes me feel so much less alone in this great big world. I create my art and then use it to connect with people all over the globe; it’s a remarkable thing to be a part of.” – Ron Pope

“I’m so thankful to be an artist because art adds meaning to our lives, and art lives on forever.” – Mikey Wax

 “I’m thankful to be a musician because it  transcends cultures, backgrounds, differences and connects us.  – Lisa Gungor

“I’m thankful to be a musician because music makes the world a better place.” – Michael Gungor

“I am thankful to be a musician because it allows me to bring people together through love and music.” – Justin Garner

“As an artist, I’m so thankful to live in a time where the ability to make and share art, as well as form relationships with my fans, is right at my fingertips.” – Mree

“I am thankful to be an artist because I am doing what I love and dreamed of doing.  I can share and express myself and use my music to perhaps make a difference in the world and possibly motivate others to follow their dreams. I am thankful that I never gave up on my deepest passion because it got hard, but I continued even when I didn’t see a way. I am thankful for TuneCore for giving artists like myself the opportunity to expand our fan base and share our music in places we never imagined.” – Prince AJ

“I’m thankful to be an artist because music allows me to express myself, and be myself, in a way that nothing else can.” – Ali Brustofski

“First of all, I am thankful to my family and especially my amazing wife who respects and supports my being a musician. As an artist I am thankful for every single person who appreciates my music. I don’t take it for granted. I’m actually rather surprised every time I get a positive reaction and I therefore do enjoy it even more when people connect with my music. I’m also thankful for every single person who considers to introduce my music to their friends or a wider audience. And I’m thankful for all the incredible tools that are at my disposal as an artist these days, allowing me to create and share my music with other people. It’s amazing!”  – Thomas Feurer

“I am thankful to be an artist because of the intimate bonds I can make with others all over the world.  Even if my songs make only a small change in someone’s mood or outlook, I’ve done my job.” – Jessica Lerner

“I’m grateful to be an artist because I can take everything I go through and turn it into something positive and bigger than myself.”  – Mieka Pauley

New Music Tuesday: Nov. 26, 2013

TuneCore Artists are releasing tons of new music every day. Each week we check out the new TuneCore releases and choose a few at random to feature on the blog.

Is your hit next?

Puscifer 10.46.19 AMWhat Is…


AdamFearsGolden Gravel Road
Adam Fears

DueWEST 10.46.19 AMI Hear Christmas
Due West

CalebChapmanA Crescent Christmas
Caleb Chapman’s Crescent Super Band

SusanneOrumLook to the Sky
Susanne Ørum & James Sampson

JamieLynnHow Could I Want More
Jamie Lynn Spears

MaxMilnerMan Overboard
Max Milner

JasonChenWhat If Acoustic
Jason Chen

TyroneWellsThe Christmas Album
Tyrone Wells

Mindy Smith Doesn’t Need a Major Label, Here’s Why.

We always love hearing stories about artists who have left their major label deals in favor of complete independence.  Singer/Songwriter Mindy Smith has one of those stories to share.  Spoiler: It ends with her having ownership of her music, and making lots of money from her music sales.  Check out her story below, plus her number one tip for other independent artists…

I am TuneCore because…

They provide me and my team with the tools to successfully distribute my music in a quick and easy way. Most importantly, after a successful 7 year run with a major label, I made the decision to explore the feasibility of becoming an independent artist so that I could finally have ownership of my music. TuneCore made what I thought would be a difficult decision, a “no brainer.” After being blessed to have sold nearly half a million records signed to a label, I am now actually making money from my TuneCore record sales!

TuneCore also works with our team as a true partner, versus just acting as a distribution point. For example, they’ve  supported my current Holiday release, Snowed In through their social channels. All of this effort, combined with an amazing team, has helped Snowed In become one of the best-selling indie Christmas records of the season so far, on digital outlets. I am truly thankful for TuneCore!


Here’s a tip…

Take it from me; having a record deal can be very satisfying and rewarding, but a deal to get your music to the world is no longer a must have. One of the big reasons for this is because of companies like TuneCore. My biggest tip is to first concentrate on the music, take time to make certain you are putting your best songs and music out, whether it’s a single release or full album. Avoid “filler tunes” at all cost and be TRUE to yourself and your ART.


Meet Our New Partner: Interview with INDMUSIC Co-Founder/CEO Brandon Martinez

 We announced earlier this week  exciting new partnership with INDMUSIC, which allows artists to make money when their music is used on YouTube.  

We had a chance to talk to INDMUSIC’s co-founder/CEO Brandon Martinez to learn how they monetized the Harlem Shake, why artists can benefit from joining the Multi Channel Network (MCN), and why they decided to work with TuneCore.

What’s your background? How did you get into YouTube monetization?

I was one of the first Digital Talent Agents in Hollywood, working on some of the initial agreements between YouTube Creators and Multi-Channel Networks, as well as many other deals on other platforms for more traditional talent.  All the while, I was a music guy at heart.  I lived in Silver Lake, right at the epicenter of some of the best music coming out of LA.  I could walk to all of the best music venues in the city and the best independent record store.

The monetization of YouTube is a hot topic right now in the music industry.  What are the biggest misconceptions about making money from YouTube?

As easy as it is to upload and share content on YouTube, properly monetizing your content and, moreover, making money from the use of your music in other people’s videos can be a complicated effort.  There are many people out there claiming to be able to help or provide tools and services, but showing no true value to artists.  Many either don’t understand YouTube or, even worse, don’t understand the music industry.  Small mistakes can cause your assets to generate no revenue at all.  Independent artists, as well as major labels, are subject to these problems.

By now it’s probably safe to say that most TV and YouTube viewers are familiar with the Harlem Shake craze.  Can you talk about how you monetized the Harlem Shake?

It was as simple as properly ingesting the sound recording, composition, and accompanying metadata well ahead of the craze taking off, as well as leveraging a knowledgeable team that could move swiftly resolving issues with claims and disputes.  The biggest issue we ran into was educating users/fans on why we were claiming portions of the music in their videos.

How do you find all the different places in which someone’s music is being used?

Despite other company’s claims, everyone uses YouTube’s Content ID system, which fingerprints our Partners’ (the rights holders–artists and labels) audio and searches for any unlicensed third party uses of the content within the INDMUSIC network.  However, we have also built proprietary technology to dig deeper and find more uses of that content.  Many of our Partners have also not properly included metadata on their back catalogue or were never provided certain information, so we’re also working to clean up that back end system, which allows for more claims and, ultimately, more revenue.

Can you explain what the MCN is?

A Multi-Channel Network (MCN) is a company built on top of YouTube’s platform, helping to better optimize and monetize content.  In our case, INDMUSIC only works with music partners: unsigned and independent artists, labels, and other creators in the music space.

How does it benefit an artist to be in INDMUSIC’s MCN?

We work on music-specific best practices to help artists build audience, increase views, and generate revenue.  What you do with a cooking video or a sports video is not the same thing you do with a music video.  And, only claiming sound recording (master rights) and composition (publishing rights) leaves out a huge opportunity to further build engagement on your channel, driving revenues even higher.

Why can artists make more money through INDMUSIC?

We only work in the music space.  We’re constantly looking out for opportunities to help our artists/labels grow, as well as listening to feedback to build more tools and offer more services that directly benefit them.

INDMUSIC is a “Certified YouTube” network. What does that mean?

Being a YouTube Certified network means that the INDMUSIC staff has attended intense training sessions instructed by the YouTube team on Audience Development and Rights Management and passed a certification test to best serve our Partners.  The best practices we use follow these guidelines we learned (me included!), but with a focus on music.


What’s the biggest opportunity for artists when it comes to YouTube?

Audience.  YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world, with a rabid community constantly looking for new content.  With added strategy, any artist has an opportunity to be the next big thing (with a lot of hard work, obviously).

New Store Alert: Send Your Music to JB Hi-Fi Today!

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