Mindy Smith Doesn’t Need a Major Label, Here’s Why.

We always love hearing stories about artists who have left their major label deals in favor of complete independence.  Singer/Songwriter Mindy Smith has one of those stories to share.  Spoiler: It ends with her having ownership of her music, and making lots of money from her music sales.  Check out her story below, plus her number one tip for other independent artists…

I am TuneCore because…

They provide me and my team with the tools to successfully distribute my music in a quick and easy way. Most importantly, after a successful 7 year run with a major label, I made the decision to explore the feasibility of becoming an independent artist so that I could finally have ownership of my music. TuneCore made what I thought would be a difficult decision, a “no brainer.” After being blessed to have sold nearly half a million records signed to a label, I am now actually making money from my TuneCore record sales!

TuneCore also works with our team as a true partner, versus just acting as a distribution point. For example, they’ve  supported my current Holiday release, Snowed In through their social channels. All of this effort, combined with an amazing team, has helped Snowed In become one of the best-selling indie Christmas records of the season so far, on digital outlets. I am truly thankful for TuneCore!


Here’s a tip…

Take it from me; having a record deal can be very satisfying and rewarding, but a deal to get your music to the world is no longer a must have. One of the big reasons for this is because of companies like TuneCore. My biggest tip is to first concentrate on the music, take time to make certain you are putting your best songs and music out, whether it’s a single release or full album. Avoid “filler tunes” at all cost and be TRUE to yourself and your ART.


  • Sarah

    Love you Mindy!

  • BackwardNever .

    Excellent piece and great insight & advice, as well. Be sure to check out the NEW album by Tunecore artist Steve B.I.K.O. – “Worldwide: Dare To Struggle, Dare To Win!”. As Mindy Smith advises, this album has no “filler tunes.” Much respect for the work of you all! (http://www.tunecore.com/music/stevebiko)

  • Winner15

    I’m just wondering how much she is able to sell now oppose to being signed with a label who was able to fund a marketing campaign expense etc..?

  • Chris

    Uhm yeah. Who wouldn’t want that. Selling half a million albums and then go at it on your own. That’s the easy way. Try it without having been signed to a major first.