Get in the Holiday Spirit with TuneCore Artists on Spotify

Colorful lights, relatives crowding the house, delicious aromas coming from the kitchen…it’s holiday time.  But there’s one more key thing that really makes it feel like the holidays: music.  Radio stations keep the classics coming, families gather around the piano, and the digital stores are packed with new albums and singles from talented artists, many of whom are in the TuneCore community.

To really get ourselves in the holiday spirit, we put together a playlist packed with holiday music from TuneCore Artists.  You’ll hear some original tunes as well as the classics.

So crank it up, and have a happy holiday filled with music!


TuneCore Holiday Music Tracks

“Sleigh Ride” – Caleb Chapman’s Crescent Super Band

“Bring My Baby Back (For Christmas)” – Poeina Suddarth

“Christmas Smiles” – Kate Diaz

“Home for Christmas” – Colt Ford

“Winter Lullaby” – Lily Mae

“Let It Snow” – Daniela Andrade

“Holiday Love” – Adolphus & Bridget

“Christmas Tree (*T-Ran)” – Pettidee

“I’m Scared of Santa Claus” – Ava Kelley

“Happy Hanukkah” – Matisyahu

“Grown-up Christmas List” – Anthem Lights

“Christmas Party” – Haley Deakers

“Blitzen Blitz – Country” – Laurel Crown Music

“Carol of the Bells” – Pentatonix

“California Christmas” – Brooke White

“Thrill of Hope” – 714

“This Christmas” – Marty Neary

“Jingle Bells” – Tyrone Wells

“Hey Santa” – Jason Reed

“Beachfront Holiday” – Matt Irie & Ty Bru

“Me Gusta La Parranda” – Los Cantores de Bayamon

“A Light” – The Brilliance

“Our Little Christmas Tree” – Tommy Busby

“Silent Night” – Donna King

“Christmas Medley (Instrumental)” – Brandon Gilliam

“Come Back Home (This Christmas)” – Chris Johnston

“You Know It’s Christmas Time” – Mide Houlihan

“Christmas Means Nothing Without You” – Gerald J

“Mazinka” – 11 Acorn Lane

“Snowed In” – Mindy Smith

“Joy to the World” – Jay Hagy

“Home for the Holidays” – Due West

“In the Bleak Midwinter” – Marian Grace

“Find Your Voice” – Sarah McLachlan

“Found Each Other” – Cameron Mitchell & aprilemade

“Go Tell It On the Mountain” – Katie Basden

“What Child Is This” – Starfield

“Xmas in New York” – The Rosebuds

“My Favorite Time of Year” – Jackopierce

“Santa Gonna Be Happy” – Chance Geving

  • Julien

    What about our song? Julien & Milena – A Merry Christmas Too

  • Angelo Mariani

    Yeah I agree with Julian…What about featuring MY song “Toy Trumpets” for Christmas? What kind of politics or money goes on there?

  • Jill Larsdotter

    Or mine 😉 It would be fantastic! Please check out “The Christmas Song”
    by Jill Larsdotter <3 Happy Hollidays everyone.

  • Rugeirn Drienborough

    The entire “Tintinnabulum” album “The Twelve Songs of Christmas – And Three More For Good Measure” would qualify.

  • wal_man

    Ditto for my little Christmas horror; What I Like About Christmas? Perhaps some TuneCore members are more equal than others.

  • Ty Bru

    Not sure what you guys are talking about. No money or politics were involved from our label and our song “Beachfront Holiday” was included.
    No communication whatsoever as a matter of fact, so they must go off sales, number of streams on Spotify or the songs included in their Winter Showcase 2013 compilation.
    It would be wise not to speculate or make assumptions, those subtle accusations can harm the image of artists with integrity. #livebyacode

    • Julien

      Most of TuneCore artists are independent artists, who promote themselves, so that’s basically what we’re doing. No accusations are being made here. #thisaintnotwitter