Your YouTube Questions Answered

Last month we had two big announcements: We now help songwriters and composers make money on YouTube, and we’ve partnered with INDMUSIC, the largest independent music network.  We’ve seen a bunch of questions come in from our artists, and wanted to address two of the big ones:

Question: Why am I receiving claims against music on my own YouTube Channel? How can I get out of that?

Answer: You can absolutely request that your personal YouTube channel not be monetized by TuneCore and INDMUSIC, it’s no problem.  All you need to do is ‘Whitelist’ your Channel.  Here’s how:

Login to your TuneCore account, click ‘Publishing Administration’ at the top, then select ‘YouTube Preferences.’ Under number 2 where it says ‘Monetize your YouTube channel,’ just select ‘No, don’t monetize my channel.’ By choosing this option, we won’t monetize your personal channel.  You’ll see the whitelisting take effect within 10 business days after you’ve made the request in your account.  If you choose to whitelist your account, TuneCore and INDMUSIC will still monetize other people’s videos on YouTube that use your music, and you’ll collect that money.

Here’s what you’ll see in your account:

Screen Shot 2013-12-17 at 5.42.29 PM


(Just so you’re aware, if you do choose to whitelist your account, you’ll be unable to join the INDMUSIC network and take advantage of their channel optimization services.)

Question: Why are you monetizing my music on YouTube?  And why is INDMUSIC involved?

Answer: When you signed up for a publishing deal with TuneCore, you granted us the right to collect the royalties your compositions earn when they’re downloaded, streamed, and used around the world.  We collect all sorts of royalty types, for example, royalties earned when your compositions are played on AM/FM radio, royalties earned when your songs are streamed on interactive music services like Spotify, and royalties earned when your music is synchronized with a moving image, like on YouTube.

So when someone uses your music on YouTube, a synchronization fee is owed, and claim that on your behalf, under the terms of our publishing administration service, since we license your compositions.  We’re making a claim at YouTube so we can monetize your compositions and pay you what you’re owed for the use of your intellectual property.  When it comes to YouTube monetization, a synchronization license and a license for the sound recording are both needed to generate revenue, and per our terms and conditions, we can license both if the composition was distributed by TuneCore.

The reason you’re seeing INDMUSIC’s name, is because we’ve partnered with INDMUSIC to license your sound recordings (which we pay through to you). INDMUSIC is claiming the Sound Recording (if you own the master), and they’re monetizing it and paying you those royalties, all through your TuneCore Music Publishing account.  So with INDMUSIC involved, you’re making even more money when your music is used on YouTube.

Still got questions? Check out our frequently asked questions when it comes to YouTube. And if you have other issues to address regarding YouTube and your TuneCore Music Publishing Administration agreement please shoot us an email at

Also, learn more about our partner INDMUSIC in our interview with Co-Founder/CEO Brandon Martinez.


  • Charles William Humphreys

    OK I might be a little naive here or just plain dumb. But before I signed up to INDMUSIC I had 14 subscribers – now I only have two. Once again before this happened I had earned around $7 but now I have 0.11 cents.

    Will INDMUSIC collect for advertisements being used on my channel which is what I initially signed to monitization on YouTube.

    I am very close to launching a video which I think will bring me quite a few views with the underlying work I have done and I am concerned that I will only be paid if someone else uses my music – when I wish to paid for the number of times an advertisement is shown.

    Or is that the point – is that someone using my music to advertise their product/service etc???

    Please let me know


    • tunecore

      Hey Charles,

      It’s completely up to you whether or not you’d like to whitelist your channel, which means we will not monetize your own channel, and will only monetize other people’s videos that use your music. To set up whitelisting you can just update your YouTube preferences in your TuneCore Account. But for further information regarding your questions, please shoot an email to and our team will help out!

      • Pirata

        I have more than 1 youtube channel. Can I whitelist more than one?

        • tunecore

          Hey there,

          Shoot us an email at with the additional channel you want to whitelist. Make sure to email our team from the email address that’s on your TuneCore account.


  • tunecore

    Hi there,

    Our Music Publishing team can absolutely work with you to answer your questions and straighten things out. Please write to so we can help!

  • 2uo7rax

    Hello. I own the 2uo7rax YouTube account.

    Sorry I believe I am misunderstood I want to CONTINUE monetizing my YouTube videos, but I want the copyright infringement claims taken down by your third party indmusic. These works all my original works. And I own all rights to my music. And I do not appreciate that your affiliated third party company is making false claims against my original music preventing me to make royalties of it. And this is why I am choosing to not use your services anymore. I never allowed Indmusic to own my work. As seen in the screen shot. I have three pieces with all false claims made my IndMusic on my 2uo7rax YouTube account. Before I signed up with your services all of my music were successfully monetized before I joined your program, and I had problems ever since.

    I don’t know if Indmusic is trying to scam me and steal my work or not but I did not allow it.

    I would like to remove all past orders for the album: TheRule2uo

    80’s Insired Battle Theme: The Resistance:

    Metal Gear Solid Inspired: “The Majestic”:

    Joe Hisaishi Inspired: “The Romantic In You”

    Thank you, and please fix this and if not please pass it on to your adviser.

    • 2uo7rax

      Hello. Nevermind I figured it out through the forums. I recommend that your company does not automatically monetize our youtube channels without our permissions the third party claims become really confusing.

      And upsetting. And I know I am not the only one thinking that it is some random company scam trying to make profits from our royalties.

      Thank you.