New Store Alert: Get Your Music to Guvera Today!

guvera_wide_colorLast month, we started distributing to, the highest-rated music app in the UK.  Well, one new store isn’t enough, and we’re happy to announce our most recent music service addition for digital distribution: Guvera.

Some quick store facts:

  • Though Guvera’s based in Australia, it’s also available in the U.S. and Indonesia.
  • Indonesia is one of the fastest growing music markets in Southeast Asia, so it’s a good idea to be there.
  • Guvera is an on-demand streaming service; you choose what to listen to and when.
  • It has 500,000+ users, with unlimited free access to over 10 million songs.
  • Guvera has a variety of featured playlists curated by enthusiastic music lovers.

Ready to add Guvera to your releases?  Great idea!  Add it today.


  • Guest

    Why if a release was setup and paid for after Guvera was added to your lineup, should Guvera be paid for separately and not added automatically? I think this is wrong since only stores added after should be an extra cost.

    • tunecore

      Hi there,

      When you release music through TuneCore you have the option of adding all stores (or as many as you want) for no added cost with initial distribution. So if you distributed music after Guvera was made available, you should have been able to select Guvera in your store list for free. We’re always looking to add more stores, and one product you may be interested in is Store Automator. If you have Store Automator, we’ll automatically deliver your releases to new stores as we add them. There’s no per-store charge, just a one-time flat rate of $10 per release to add this product. This way your music will go to new stores as soon as we add them. For info about that, check out our help section:

      And if you have any other q’s, please reach out to our support team here: