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Hip-Hop Keeps Its Independent Spirit: From Mixtapes to Worldwide Digital Sound

From the very beginning, hip-hop has been one of the most independent of all genres. From the start, it was more than just music – it was a movement. It became a new way to express thoughts, experiences and emotions and evolved into an entirely unique culture that encompasses fashion, art, dance and politics.

Hip-hop is also unique in that its growth has been mostly organic. Unlike other types of music, it wasn’t immediately commercialized. Instead, it was shared among like-minded individuals and passed along via mix tape.

Hip-Hop is TuneCore’s #1 Genre – Most artist revenue and highest number of total releases.

Even though we’ve seen more interest in hip-hop from major labels and even marketers, there remains an incredibly vibrant independent scene that TuneCore is proud to be a part of.  In fact, hip-hop is our #1 genre.

We’re proud to support hip-hop and be a part of helping artists and songwriters to find success without “selling out,” needing a record label, giving up copyrights or handing over their hard-earned revenue.

TuneCore is the Official Music Distribution and Publishing Administration Sponsor for the A3C Festivalthe preeminent hip-hip event in the U.S. And almost 50% of the artists performing have used TuneCore to distribute their music.

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  • Blee

    Long live Hip Hop baby!!

  • Arthur J. Smith

    When it’s Born and Raised in Tha’ Hood, It’s Gone Always Be Good! Hip-Hop Forever…

  • alexyoung

    Independent people are always like Hip hop…..!


    Mo Money, Mo Money!!!

  • Ben Gary