iTunes Holiday 2014 Closures & Delays – Plan Ahead!

Just like the rest of us, our friends at iTunes, Amazon Music, and other stores need some time off for the holidays, too! It’s important to plan ahead of time to ensure that your music makes its way to iTunes & other stores for the largest music-buying season of the year.

  • Between November 23rd and December 1st, there will be delays getting music onto iTunes.
  • Between December 22nd and December 29th, iTunes will shut down for new music distribution and no new music will go live. (This includes pre-orders, which need to be scheduled for release before 12/22.)
  • Between December 20th and January 4th, there will be delays for all stores.

In order to make sure that you don’t miss the release date for your song or album, plan ahead and distribute your new music as soon as you can to avoid getting caught in holiday closings/delays. The earlier you get your new music on iTunes and other stores, the more time your fans will have to buy it!

Feature considerations for all releases with release dates through 12/16 should be submitted to TuneCore by 11/19. Feature considerations for all releases between 12/17 and 1/6 should be submitted to TuneCore by 12/1. These dates are subject to change without notice.

If you’re not ready to release that album just yet, we always recommend releasing a single early to garner some excitement!

Regardless of how your fans celebrate the holidays, give them the chance to use your music as a soundtrack – distribute your holiday music today!

  • hugjygh

    whats wrong with tunecore

    • tunecore

      Hey there! Anything we can help you with?

      • hugjygh

        @tunecore if I put my song on iTunes and spotify and other stores would it distribute to the other stores when I pay! u better reply or I wont do it lol

  • SercO

    How long is this delay ?? because my new single upload was a week ago and stil don’t on itunes or spotify ?? im waiting to long now..

    • tunecore

      Hi SercO, apologies on the delay in response! This slipped by us. Are you still having trouble with your single upload? We’d be happy to assist you.

  • Arcsol

    How long does it take itunes to upload an album that was sent just before the delay? (Nov 23rd) Its been a mess for this one person I’ve been a fan of and there’s still no signs of itunes uploading it yet.

    • tunecore

      Hi Arcsol,

      Right now, as iTunes has been experiencing ingestion issues post-holiday, we’re re-delivering these releases and they should be all set within the normal 24-72 hour timeframe.

      • Arcsol

        Would the same thing work for an artist who uploads independently? I’d like to give him at least some advice so he isn’t tearing his hair out.

        • tunecore

          Not sure what you mean – are you asking if the artist RESUBMITS or are you just referring to artists who upload songs themselves?

          For the former, there is no need to re-distribute with us. For the latter, this is an issue that has been affecting anyone who uploaded within the holiday timeframe in this blog post.

          • Arcsol

            It would be the latter. So if they re-deliver their album as well it should do something?

          • tunecore

            No, see comment above – there is no need, as we have already done so.

  • son of sam

    tune core has been disappointing to me that you guys talk a lot but in the end you don’t do anything. I have a number one hit song and in more than two months haven’t don anything for me I guess you guys are not talented enough. I hear crappy songs all day on the radio I hear of suck ass artist selling there songs. it is a shame that good artist these days have to deal with rip offs like yourselves and I know you will probably delete what I am writing but I just have to go somewhere else and when my song makes it I will remember you guys who didn’t help me out at all just took my money. I could have been a great success for you guys.

    • tunecore

      Hi There,

      No worries, we will not delete your comment! Sorry to hear that you’re frustrated, but can you let us know specifically what happened? Where we can help? Thanks!

  • Alex Miller

    hello i uploaded my band’s album a couple days ago, just wondering if it’ll be affected by this delay or if i can expect normal time frame for itunes/spotify/etc ?

    • tunecore

      Hi Alex – There are still some delays from the Thanksgiving holiday. If you’re experiencing delays beyond the 72 hour range in getting your music live, feel free to reach out to our customer service team!

  • Lisa

    Hi guys,

    How soon do I need to upload my single to have it live for Dec. 23rd? And can I request a specific live date as oppose to me just checking back to see when it’s live?

    Thanks. Btw…I love Tunecore!!

    • tunecore

      Hi Lisa,

      Since no new music will go live from December 22nd-29th on iTunes specifically and there have been additional delays due to the Thanksgiving holiday, we recommend playing it safe and giving yourself AT LEAST 5 days before the 21st. As for specific live dates, yes you can, however with these delays it’s advised that you give yourself some time to make sure it’s released on time.

      Also, keep in mind that the if the desired live date is between the 22nd and 29th, it will not go live on that day. So you’ll want to plan for before or after.

      Make sense? Let us know if you have any additional questions :)

      • Lisa

        I totally got it now!! Thanks!!

  • Reilly

    I got confirmation our music went live on iTunes, but it’s not available in the US for purchase right now. Why would that be happening? It’s been almost a week since we submitted everything through tunecore if that makes a difference. Thanks!

    • tunecore

      Hi There –

      Are you still having trouble? There were some delays after the Thanksgiving holiday. Please let us know & out to our customer service team

  • Solfege

    I submitted my music and it was “sent to all stores” on Nov. 17th, before any delay date. Why is it that my music hasn’t gone live?

    • tunecore

      Hey There –

      Sorry you seem to be having problems! Please reach out to our customer service team if this has not been resolved

  • Solveig Westby

    Hello! I also got confirmation that my song went live on itunes one day ago. But it´s not available in Norway for purchase right now. When can i expect it to be live in norway itunes, spotify and wimp?? yes, i picked worldwide publishing….

  • osfgj

    If I submitted today how soon will it be on itunes and spotify

    • tunecore

      Typically there will be a 24-72 hour window of time before it goes live, assuming there are no errors that need to be corrected on the submission.

  • Bro7pray

    I have a promo code from a studio production kit I purchased…’s not due until 12/31/2014
    I tried to enter it…you all sent me email asking for it but no reply….after I sent the code….now I’m reading the comments…….not good

  • Terrance TheAlien Foster

    my due date was November 12, 2014 and it is still in distrubute

  • Pablo Araya Orellana

    My album has not yet been released. when and how to be launched since the deadline is in a couple of hours? Thank you

    • tunecore

      Hi Pablo,

      There’s usually a 24-72 hour window for music to go live in stores. There has been an increased amount of manual reviews of music going live in iTunes, however, causing some additional delays. If you continue to experience issues, please contact our Artist Support team:

  • Andrew Garcia

    Hello TuneCore, we submitted my music for release on 1.1.15 for the New Years. We understand the delays however we selected the option for fans to pre-order my album 12/17 which is yesterday. The pre-order for EP has not been showing up all day. Please assist. The article doesn’t state delays till 12/20

    • tunecore

      Hi Andrew,

      There have been some additional delays due to manual review selection for music going live in iTunes. We understand the need to get that pre-order live! Please reach out to our Artist Support team:

  • david faircloth

    Uploaded my song on December 15th, which was Monday, and still haven’t heard from iTunes or any of the other stores. Is something wrong with my release?

    • david faircloth

      Btw – its Christmas and needs to be out before they close for Christmas if anything can be done!!!

      • tunecore

        Hi David,

        Typically we advise that there will be a 24-72 hour delay in going live, but currently we’re seeing an increase in manual review selection from iTunes, which may mean a longer delay. Please reach out to our artist support team:

  • Bryan Guthrie

    Uploaded an album on Monday, December 15th and was told I need to make changes. Made them and was told I was going to get a response within two business days. It’s been four days and I’ve heard nothing. Very unhappy with the customer service being provided right now. At this point it’s not an issue with iTunes but with the Tunecore team. Please advise how to get a response from my email on Tuesday. Should have been responded to by the end of the day yesterday, no?

  • Alexander Hubbard


    I submitted my album on I think it was the 5th of December and it suppose to be released by today which is December 19th. Is it gonna be affected for delays tomorrow ’til January 4th?


    I Would like control of all the accounts you’ve made for my artist please

    • beachvibes

      im talkin passwords

      • tunecore

        Hi There –

        Can you please specify your issue a bit? Are you currently a TuneCore account holder? Also, feel free to reach out directly to our Artist Support Team with questions, too:

  • Marvin

    @tunecore If I upload a song and want to sale it on itunes can I change my sale price from $0.99 to $1.29?