Counting Down the Top 10 TuneCore Blog Posts of 2014

With only one day left in 2014, we’re looking back at some of our favorite and most widely-read blog posts of the past year. Look it as further proof that we’re not immune to “End Of Year List Fever”!

So whether you’ve been a loyal reader who wants to re-visit some articles, a fair-weather subscriber who checks in from time to time, or a new TuneCore Artist who’s just getting wise to the knowledge we spread over here at the TuneCore Blog, enjoy! 2015 promises to have more awesome content to come…

10 Ways for Musicians to Stay Healthy on the Road

Because hey, while sitting in a van & eating fast food sounds fun and all, Erin Schrode (Green Guru & Co-Founder of Teens Turning Green) offers some tips for staying healthy on tour & keeping the environment healthy too!

How Ontario-Based Artist SayWeCanFly Is Growing His Career

TuneCore Artist Braden Barrie shares his successful fan-base building process, how he books tours in Canada & the U.S., and how partnering with TuneCore for distribution & publishing administration kicked his music career to the next level.

5 Ways to Keep Momentum Going After a Music Festival

Great job – you made it onto a music festival! Erin Austin of OKSWEETHEART reminds us that just because the fun is over, it doesn’t mean you should go back home and put your feet up.

How Composer Brian Crain Unlocks Worldwide Songwriter Royalties

Got questions about how TuneCore’s Publishing Administration services can help find royalties you never knew existed? Composer Brian Crain is interviewed and shares his experiences.

How Nashville’s Sonia Leigh Is Gaining Traction as an Indie Artist

Sonia Leigh has been on a roll! (And we’re not just saying that because she hung out with us in our Nashville office…) Read this inspiring article & learn more about the country artist’s musical journey.

The Great SXSW 2014 Recap!

If you weren’t able to keep up with TuneCore at SXSW 2014 (either because you were playing it, attending shows, or slept through the whole thing), this recap is everything you need! We’re very excited for SXSW 2015 already.

10 Reasons Why Every Artist Should Be On Spotify

Let’s face it: streaming was a HUGE topic this year. Music blogger Kami Knacke breaks down what she believes to be the benefits of getting your music on streaming services like Spotify.

The State of the Music Industry According to TuneCore Artists

Every once and awhile, TuneCore offers a survey for our artists to fill out, and every time, the results are telling. Check out the results of a Fall survey and see what over 1,100 TuneCore Artists had to say about the state of the music industry in 2014.

Interview: Havoc (Mobb Deep) Releases New Album via TuneCore

You may know him from Mobb Deep, you may know him from his solo career or producing credits. Regardless, Havoc’s production, lyrical and stylistic-influences on modern hip hop are undeniable. That’s why TuneCore was psyched to distribute his latest album & snag an interview with him!

Ron Pope: How I Made $250K From Streaming

Following the turbulent subject of streaming, we shared this guest blog from TuneCore Artist Ron Pope that covers his transition from playing in the subway to touring Europe, and why he sees streaming as an integral piece of the puzzle.

New Music Tuesday: Dec. 30, 2014

It’s the last New Music Tuesday of 2014!!

TuneCore Artists are releasing tons of new music every day. Each week we check out the new TuneCore releases and choose a few at random to feature on the blog.

Is your hit next?

gsep copy
No Regrets
Gsep Music

Hip Hop/Rap

rlawrence copy
Make It Big
Robert Lawrence

astresow copy
Life As We Know It
Adrien Stresow

Hip Hop/Rap, Christian/Gospel

eoliver copy
Homegrown EP
Evan Olivier

Singer/Songwriter, Pop

atman copy
The Silent King

Hip Hop/Rap, Pop

kenyatta copy
Kenyatta Fire EP
Kenyatta Fire

Reggae, World

mykool copy
Taken For Granted

Dance, Electronic

figure8 copy
Im Mortal
Figure 8
Hip Hop/Rap

tobeceen copy
Hip Hop/Rap, World

ennui copy
Ennui Breathes Malice

Heavy Metal, Alternative

geewatts copy
Kansas City State of Mind
Gee Watts

Hip Hop/Rap, R&B/Soul

prototyperaptor copy

Dance, Electronic

9 New Year’s Resolutions Artists Are Making for 2015

If you’re tired of announcing that you’ll get on a treadmill, quit a bad habit, or read more in the New Year, we hear you! However, as independent artists, it’s important to set goals and stay motivated as we head into 2015. Without being TOO cheesy, we asked some TuneCore Artists to share their New Year’s Resolutions with the community . Now we invite YOU to use it as inspiration to get rolling into an efficient 2015!

“In the height of online social media and mobile communications its ever so easy to spend most of your time talking through Calls, Watsapp or the beloved Facebook; so my New Year’s Resolution is to ‘talk less and act more.’” – Tripet

“I wake up everyday knowing that the past can’t be changed, but tomorrow can always be better than yesterday. 2015 will be a year with no regrets.”
Gsep Music

“My New Year’s resolution is to trust myself more, be truer to myself, and care less about what other people think about me. I resolve to be kinder to myself and I am going to allow myself to enjoy the year.” – Eleri

“In the New Year I , along with the team at GMM, are planning on capitalizing on our growth. We want to bring a bigger & better experience to the fans with even more amazing music to match. The New Year is a great time to set a tone and we hope to do just that by taking the fans on our fantastic voyage every step of the way.”
Emeka Ibe

“I really don’t make resolutions, but my goal is to establish a 5-10K fan base!”

“My New Year’s Resolution is to triple the amount of work I did in 2014. I am going to make more music for my fans with more emotion to it; I am going to release more videos so my fans can connect with me and relate to me on a personal level. I am going to do more live performances so my supporters can reach out and touch me and know that I am with them and I appreciate them for their love and support. Most importantly, I am going to give you the best possible music that can be given.” – Young Chizz

“My New Year’s Resolution is to get all my friends to convert their energy bill to renewables and work harder at producing less trash.”
Vanessa Bley, Beast Patrol

“Often times, we get so focused on the next step – our next show, our next release, etc. – that we forget to appreciate what we’ve accomplished so far. In 2015, we want to find the balance between pursuing the end goal and living in the moment. Playing in a band is a crazy and incredible journey, and even the small steps are important to recognize, remember, and enjoy.” – Kid Runner

“As a band our New Year’s Resolution is to maximize our music output. Whether it’s just writing, demos, videos, or even another full length, we just want to keep putting music out for people to connect with and share.” – Stellar Young

End of Year Message from CEO Scott Ackerman to TuneCore Artists

[Editors Note: This article is from TuneCore CEO Scott Ackerman.]

Our artists’ success is our success. And judging by our artists’ increasing ability to get their music heard worldwide, make new fans and more revenue too, 2014 has been a great year for all of us.

Some Highlights From 2014

Congratulations to TuneCore Artists on a successful year!

  • Artists reached more fans than ever before by sharing their music on our many new store partners, including YouTube Music Key and KKBox.
  • 30% of the artists performing at SXSW, 40% at CMJ and almost 50% at A3C were part of the TuneCore community.
  • TuneCore Artists were regularly featured by store partners, including iTunes, Amazon Music and Spotify.
  • At A3C, America’s “preeminent hip-hop festival,” TuneCore artists and top producers, paired up by TuneCore, used free studio time to create new tracks during the #TuneCoreStudio Recording Sessions.
  • TuneCore artist Jeff Bernat’s song “Dream Team” was featured on the Birdman movie soundtrack after TuneCore Publishing Administration pitched his music to the movie’s music supervisors.
  • Jay Rock, via TuneCore, released the single “Pay For It (feat. Kendrick Lamar),” and performed it on Saturday Night Live.
  • Country singer Sonia Leigh, rock band The Kickback and soulful pop singer Laura Reed stopped by TuneCore’s Brooklyn office for impromptu performances.
  • TuneCore artists found new ways to produce great music, share songs, engage fans and make money through the new TuneCore Artist Services program.
  • TuneCore Artists reached a milestone. They have earned $471.5 million in revenue from 10.6 billion downloads and streams since 2006 (and that doesn’t even include activity in 4th quarter of 2014!)

Some Great Expectations for 2015

It will be an even better year for TuneCore Artists.

  • There will be even more opportunities for artists to reach new fans with the addition of new music stores.
  • Partnerships, with companies like YouTube, will help artists make more money from the music they create.
  • Artist Services will get bigger and better, with an exciting, cool new app coming in 2015 that will connect you with fans on a whole new level.
  • TuneCore has plans in the works for concerts, gigs and events that will showcase TuneCore Artists’ talents.

This year, the TuneCore community continued to grow and support each other. We’ve shared creative tips, touring advice, revenue-raising suggestions, career-building recommendations and, of course, great new music.

We celebrate your achievements! Thank you for partnering with TuneCore.

Happy New Year!

Scott Ackerman
TuneCore CEO

#TCVideoFriday: Dec. 26, 2014

Keep the holiday celebration going with this block of TuneCore Artist videos!

Roses & Revolutions, “It’s Christmas Time”

Caitlyn Smith, “Tacoma (Live at The Station Inn)”

Free Energy, “Electric Fever”

Mack Z, “Christmas All Year Long”

Calling Glory, “Heartbeat”

Isaiah Rashad, “Heavenly Father”

Kelsey Lewis, “Christmas Beside You”

Minister Kobby, “Di Bible (ft. Fritz, RoyalPriesthood, Emani, & KingzKid)

Jessie James Decker, “Baby! It’s Christmas (Fan Video)”

Rhymageddon, “All My Friends (feat. Oriki)”


New Music Tuesday: Dec. 23, 2014

TuneCore Artists are releasing tons of new music every day. Each week we check out the new TuneCore releases and choose a few at random to feature on the blog.

Is your hit next?

goodasdead copy
Good As Dead
M4ster of Death

Dance, Electronic

bbaker copy
Greatest Hits 2014
Bart Baker

Comedy, Pop

nsantino copy
Nick Santino


midas copy
Grow EP
Pop, R&B/Soul

jsteph copy 2
How the Water Feels
Jake Stephens

Singer/Songwriter, Folk

zebra copy
Way More Beer

Rock, Alternative

laidback copy
Laidback Luke & Uberjak’d
Dance, Electronic

swiftoli copy
Christmas Is Coming Home
Swift Olliver

Holiday, Rock

dbowden copy
I Used To Be In Love
David Bowden

Christian/Gospel, Spoke Word

murakami copy
Made in Heights


savetheradio copy
You Belong
Save the Radio

Alternative, Rock

midnight beast copy
We Won’t Remember Christmas

The Midnight Beast

Comedy, Rock