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#TCVideoFriday: March 13, 2015 – SXSW Edition!

Yes, it’s Friday the 13th. Avoid black cats, walking under ladders, and opening that umbrella inside, because more importantly it’s the Friday before SXSW! Since 1/3 of the artists performing this year have distributed through TuneCore, we’re running with that theme and showing you some sweet videos from some of ’em:

Prof, “Farout”

The Kite String Tangle, “Arcadia”

Foreign Fields, “In Hiding”

Laurel, “To The Hills”

Sam Outlaw, “Cry For Me” **

Dear Boy, “Hesitation Waltz” **

Nova Rockafeller, “Problem” **

Olivver the Kid, “Lucy (Hurt People, Hurt People)” **

Derek Minor, “Who You Know” **

Alvvays, “Archie, Marry Me”

** Denotes artists playing our TuneCore Live: Austin party!