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#TCVideoFriday: April 10, 2015

Happy Friday, people! Stay out too late last night? Too distracted with the fact that the weekend is only a few hours away? Whatever your reason for visiting, stick around and enjoy this round up of TuneCore Artist videos!

Deraj, “Nun Of My Bizness (feat. Bandit Gang Marco)”

Ricky Dillon, “Ordinary”

Fito Blanko, “Meneo”

Heather Jeanette, “Only You”

Felling Giants, “Son of Man”

Prinze George, “Upswing”

J-Key, “Hello World (feat. LatinRose)”

Adley Stump, “Stay At Home Soldier”

Pearl, “Reflection (Acoustic)”

Avery Sunshine, “Time To Shine”

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