#ICYMI: TuneCore Weekly Round-Up May 23-29

TuneCore Artist Spotlight

TuneCore Live at Bardot was another sellout event. Congrats to the performers that rocked the house: Act As If, Curtis Peoples, and Best of Friends. Mark your calendar for June 24 when more TuneCore Artists take center stage.

the_lacsThe Lacs’ new release Outlaw in Me has been Top 5 on the iTunes Country chart all week. The record is out on Average Joes Ent., the home of Colt Ford, Mud Digger, and others.

As reported in Billboard, and all over the Internet, Chance the Rapper’s long-awaited secret/experimental release Surf, credited to Donnie Trumpet & The Social Experiment, was a surprise drop on iTunes May 29, and it is available for free.

Big-time producer, media mogul and TuneCore user Jonathan Hay wrote an article describing his preference for the sound of the Jay-Z owned streaming service Tidal. He’s quoted as saying, “For our album to go from TuneCore to the homepage of Tidal, and to be heard by Roc Nation…that shows their level of commitment to the artist.“

Popular YouTube and TuneCore Artist Savannah Outen premiered the video for her new song “Boys” with Nylon.com to coincide with her release date.

The new single “Boom” from singer, model, media star Mahogany Lox hit Top 50 in U.S. pop charts and #7 overall Brazil.Screeching Weasel

Recess Records released legendary punk rock band Screeching Weasel’s Baby Fat Act 1 on iTunes this week through TuneCore. Baby Fat is a punk rock opera in two acts inspired by Rigoletto.

Artist Service News

Make sure you’ve got enough CDs on hand for fans. The summeCD Manufacturingr music season kicked off last week with Memorial Day weekend celebrations. And now that many of you are on the road touring or playing local festivals, it’s the perfect time to beef up your merch table. 

CD’s are a fan-favorite and we’re giving you $50 off your purchase of $500 or more when you use promo code SAVE50.

From the TuneCore Blog

#TCVideoFriday: May 29, 2015

What Really Happens When You Master a Track?

New Music Tuesday: May 26, 2015

Artist Breakdown: Act As If, Curtis Peoples, Best of Friends

Hear What People are Saying About Track Smarts Starter Reports

#TCVideoFriday: May 29, 2015

Wow – it’s almost June! What better way to cap off the last Friday in May than with a dope round-up of videos from TuneCore Artists all over the genre map?! Celebrate life this afternoon and enjoy:

Donnie Trumpet & The Social Experiment, “Sunday Candy”

Bela Takes Chase, “Collide”

YONAS, “Live It Up”

Keith James, “Not My Day”

Mystic, “Fannin”

Anilyst, “Done As Much”

Andie Case, “I’ll Have You”

Billy The Kid & The Lucky Poets, “Shine”

Trill Youngins, “One Bitch (Mini Movie)”

Kayla Jay, “Angel On The Loose”

Dance For Kindness Anthem Contest: Submit Your Song!

“The common thread that ties us all together is kindness,” says Life Vest Inside founder Orly Wahba. Life Vest Inside is a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering the masses to engage in acts of love and kindness. They believe that kindness is directly linked to happiness and health, and their missions is to empower and unite the world with just that. Life Vest Inside inspires people to recognize the potential they have to affect real and positive change in this world through kindness.

For the past four years, Life Vest Inside has organized a worldwide flashmob event, known as the Dance For Kindness. Imagine a groups from all over the globe joining together to perform the same dance to the same song together on the same day. Last year, the event drew participation from over 10,000 dancers in 80 cities across 32 countries! This year on November 8th will be no different.

Life Vest Inside has given artists and songwriters from every corner of the world the opportunity to submit a song that could be chosen as the Dance For Kindness Anthem! When they reached out to us to invite our community of TuneCore Artists to submit, we couldn’t resist. There’s no purchase required and TuneCore is not an official partner, we just want to offer our Artists a chance to get heard for a great cause!

“Music has the most amazing power to uplift, unite and inspire,” Wahba says, “This year’s Dance For Kindness Anthem Contest will give musicians from all over the chance to be a part of that by having their song selected for the worldwide anthem.”

How It Works

1.) Submit Your Application – The application deadline is June 15th, 2015. Click here to review the checklist before applying.
2.) Wait For Approval! – Life Vest Inside will review your submission and keep you posted to let you know when song voting will officially open.
3.) Receive Your ToolkitHelpful social media posts, copy, and little tricks of the trade to get the word out and help you promote your song!
4.) Spread The Word! – Increase your chances of winning by encouraging your friends, family the person sitting next you on the train to vote!
5.) Winner Announced! – Once voting closes, the artist with the most votes will be selected as the official DFK2015 artist!
6.) Get Produced! – Work hand in hand with Life Vest Inside and music industry professionals to produce your song and get it sounding just right to be heard worldwide!
7.) Get Psyched! – Your song will be danced to all around the globe in honor of World Kindness!

Ready to go? Awesome! Make sure your song is…

  • Recorded – a link to your song streaming will do!
  • Has lyrics that reflect kindness, compassions, empathy, unity etc.
  • Danceable! Check out past DFK anthems here.
  • An original work
  • Has a title (creativity helps!)

Enter the contest here!

What Really Happens When You Master a Track?

[Editor’s Note: This blog is written by Steve Reble, and was originally featured on the LANDR Blog. LANDR’s Instant Mastering tool can help you fine-tune your next single, EP or album and is available through TuneCore before you distribute!]

The challenge of home producing is that, what you want your audience to hear, is rarely what they will hear.

Mastering studio

When I started out, my studio was totally barebones, just a small desk shoved in the corner of a skinny, vinyl floored room…

Monitors? I didn’t have monitors; I had headphones.

And yet, I expected my bedroom recording to stand up to the big guys. I wanted the drums to explode!

This was a tall order because where you mix – and what tools you have to mix – really impacts how your track sounds to other people.

And that’s where mastering comes in, making sure your audience hears the track the way you intended – no matter where it was created.

Here’s how.


If you’re happy with your final mix, your ears aren’t broken, it probably is that good. But unfortunately, you can’t invite everyone to your house to hear it how you hear it.

The mix is going to be colored by the room, monitors and headphones that you used in creating it.

It’s easy to test this, just take your freshly mixed track to your friend’s house, or better yet, try to play it in a club with booming speakers. But be forewarned, this can be a little deflating.


Second thing to consider is who are you making your music for?  And where are they listening to it – car, phone, club, headphones, home stereo?

Mastering makes small necessary corrections and adjustments to your whole track, so that listeners will have no idea where it was recorded and mixed. They’ll just hear you.

To highlight what’s going on behind the scenes of mastering, we used a track as a lab-rat.


Compression is the social lubricant that gets all the tracks interacting. Kinda like booze. Too little and everyone just sits around awkwardly and stares at the floor. Too much and things get odd. Find the sweet spot and you’ve got a killer party.

It does this by subtly taming peak volumes, making all the parts fit together – better.

A well mastered track is that party that no one can stop talking about.

No Compression


EQUALIZATION – The multi-tool of Mastering

Equalization, or EQ, does exactly what the name implies – it makes things equal – cutting frequency ranges that have too much and boosting areas that don’t have enough.

It can provide a ‘surgical’ correction; meaning it cuts into frequencies that are too harsh – like that obnoxious shaker part at 4kHz – removing the annoying factor, while keeping the part intact. It can also brighten, or refresh, a mix that’s just too muddy.

A well EQ’d master should translate well across a variety of playback systems – ensuring the overall sound is exactly what the artist intended.

So common problem terms – boomy, boxy, nasal, harsh, thin, dull, or dark – can be fixed by either boosting or cutting the appropriate frequency range.

Bad EQ

Good EQ:


These tools are the neat freaks of mastering. They don’t like clutter, particularly in the upper frequencies, and are best suited to a particularly narrow mix, by providing a more open and spacious sound.



Once you’ve mastered, you should be able to take your track anywhere, and it will sound as good in your friend’s beat up Pinto as it does in your home studio. LANDR a track now and listen for how it’s treating your track.

These are the basic functions of mastering, of course there is plenty more intricacy; like aural exciters and multi-band compression, but this is a good overview to get you started.

Hear What People are Saying About Track Smarts Starter Reports

Track Smarts is one of several helpful Artist Services offered by TuneCore. They provide real, unbiased music fan reviews of your songs, plus plenty more! Whether you’ve got a new album and you want to find out which single resonates best, or you’re hoping to learn more about the last song you released, you’ll encounter a wealth of knowledge when you get a Track Smarts Report.

And since we know not everyone is operating with the same needs, we offer several tiers of Track Smarts Reports: Starter, Enhanced, and Premium. Recently, we decided to reach out to our community and find out what they had to say about their Track Smarts experiences! Check ’em out below, and if you have more questions about Track Smarts, click here.

“Track Smarts was the ultimate wake-up call for our band. We provided one of our new singles and within the next day or two, we had an extremely detailed, (but easy to follow), report with many reviews from the community. This feedback has helped us shape our new music and was well worth the price tag. Without Track Smarts, we may not have such a good direction with our music like we do now!”
Deception, Alternative,Rock

“Track Smarts Starter Reports were helpful. Since my submission is contemporary Christian music, I felt the mixed audience responses were useful.”
Etta Jimerson, Christian/Gospel

“We absolutely weren’t disappointed with the realistic and raw words from actual people. It allows you to see different points of views, from new fans or non-fans. Basically it tells you what you’re doing right and wrong. Artist stability is key.”
Korey Swagger & Scottie Ma’Valous, Hip-Hop/Rap, R&B

“I found Track Smarts Reports very helpful! Being an independent artist just starting out, it can be difficult getting feedback for your work. Track Smarts provided real feedback that aided tremendously in my most recent work.”
Jaah, Hip Hop/Rap

“What I find very helpful about the Track Smarts report is the Market Potential section, which helps give me an understanding of how well my work matches against 1000 tracks in my genre marketplace. The Song Element Analysis is such a key measure in this report as well; for me it shows the breakdown of lyrics, commerciality, instrumentation, and production shown as individual elements in a chart form. It’s easy to visualize and comes from an organic source.”
– Y.Rome, Hip Hop/Rap, Singer/Songwriter

“My Track Smart Reports encourage me to make more music with a good friend of mine. Now we are  doing some shows together and we are putting out some new music soon thanks to them.”
Winslow Phillip Hip Hop/Rap, Alternative

“Reading Track Smarts Reports gives you a rounded view of where you are at within your level of the industry. It’s a very helpful tool to  evaluate your music!”
Fase The Nation, Hip Hop/Rap 

“Track Smarts is a great tool that helps me to further express myself and connect with real fans!”
Mike Oliver, Pop/Rock

“Track Smarts helped me get accurate perception on my music, and now all my music is bangin!”
D’Champ, Hip Hop/Rap

“As a professional musician/singer-songwriter for over 50 years now, but who is just really getting into the world-wide digital market place, I found the Track Smarts Report to be very interesting, useful and helpful. Most of the reviews were quite introspective and gave me a new prospective on how my music is viewed by others and how it touches lives around the world. It is a tool like any other. If you don’t take it out of the toolbox and use it, it does you no good. But, if like myself, you’re going to view it as an opportunity to get a new and refreshing look at your art, take the time and the money to invest in it. I did and I’m glad!”
Ken Martin, Singer/Songwriter

“The BAD feedback was just as important as the inspiring, good feedback to get a view on what we needed to work on to make our music even better. I will definitely continue using Track Smarts to not only get reviews, but also to actually have people listen to the music I’ve made that may not have been heard yet.”
Gage DaChamp, Rock

“Track Smarts Reports are very helpful because they are interesting and easy to use. The analytic information really does work to improve your music. It’s a great tool!”
Mac Connor, Reggae

“I was excited to have the TuneCore Track Smarts for review of my single “Cake.” It was helpful to me when I realized how many people have recognized the sample that my producer used for the song. It was also helpful to know that random people around the world recognized my single as a powerful song that could be popular.”
Marco Pavé, Hip Hop/Rap

“Using Track Smarts really helped point out what listeners liked most about my songs. It also showed me what demographic I could cater to and by getting different songs reviewed, it has allowed me to see what subjects, tempos and production I sound best at.”
HONCH, Hip Hop/Rap

“Track Smarts is a very useful tool, especially if you’re an indie artist. It puts your music in front of real music fans to rate and review.  Each Track Smarts Report contains reviewers’ actual comments, plus insight and analytics, which makes it a great marketing tool. It’s very affordable, as well.”
Vash Da Stampede/ Hip-Hop

“I was led to enter my first single and its sister track into Track Smarts Starter Reports. There were many sincere comments that have stuck with me – that have validated and inspired me to move forward!”

“We used TuneCore Track Smarts for our single ‘Revolution Rerun’. The results were worth everything the service promised. For complete, unbiased, honest and straight-to-the point, no B.S. reviews from people who listen to your music. Obviously you can always play your song(s) to friends, family, acquaintances and they might be ‘honest’ with you, but for a truly no-holds-barred assessment of your music,  highly recommend TuneCore Track Smarts.”
Billy Stark Stone w/ Rico Blythe, Rock

New Music Tuesday: May 26, 2015

TuneCore Artists are releasing tons of new music every day. Each week we check out the new TuneCore releases and choose a few at random to feature on the blog.

Is your hit next?

lacsoutlaw copy
Outlaw In Me
The Lacs


cappa copy

Pop, Electronic

mahogany copy
Mahogany Lox


madeinheights copy
Without My Enemy What Would I Do
Made In Heights


souten copy
Savannah Outen

Pop, R&B/Soul

jarrod alonge copy
Beating A Dead Horse
Jarrod Alonge

Alternative, Comedy

darlingparade copy
Run Away
Darling Parade

Alternative, Rock

yonas copy
Going Places EP

Hip Hop/Rap, Pop

sanholo copy
Victory EP
San Holo

Dance, Electronic

jessimalay copy
Jessi Malay


hollywoodending copy
Hollywood Ending
Hollywood Ending

Rock, Pop

meganandliz copy
That Ghost
Megan & Liz