Latest News From TuneCore Music Publishing

Greetings from Burbank! We’re popping in mid-month to give you the latest happenings from our Music Publishing Administration office – songwriter highlights, sync and creative, placements and news. Check out below what we’ve been up to, and if you haven’t looked into what TuneCore has to offer, read more about our Music Publishing Administration services!


Former Stars of Track and Field front man, Kevin Calaba, formed AirLands in 2014. Calaba collaborated with producer airlandsTony Lash (Elliot Smith, The Dandy Warhols) and drummer Benjamin Weikel (Modest Mouse, The Hello Sequence) to create AirLands’ self-titled debut album which was released earlier this year.

Airlands’ lead single, “Love & Exhale”, quickly gained momentum and was featured on Google Play’s Antenna Sampler as well as Spotify’s New Music Tuesday. With their Peter Gabriel-meets-Bon Iver-meets-The National vibe, this atmospheric post-indie band frequently play shows around the Brooklyn area and have attracted a strong New York fan base.

Throughout singer/songwriter Ari Hest’s impressive 15 year career he has released eight albums and three EPs. After leaving Columbia ari_hestRecords, Hest started a project entitled “52” where he released a new song every Monday for a year. Additionally, Hest scored the film, DreamRiders, in 2008.

Hest has toured the world, as a headliner and opener for artists such as Ani DiFranco and Suzanne Vega. Currently, he has several tour dates booked nationwide including dates with his Brazilian music inspired side project, Bluebirds of Paradise.


In addition to our Sync & Master Licensing Database, our creative team continuously works to place TuneCore administered copyrights across all visual media. Recent pitches include music for several TV shows including Quantico and The Catch, a video game trailer for Trial Fusions, and Dirty Grandpa starring Zac Efron.


am_idol-1American Idol
“When The Moment Comes”
Writer: Erin Sydney
Artist: Mia Dyson


huggiesHuggies Diapers
“Hug (Everybody Needs a Hug)”
Writer: Ben Sands
Artist: Ben Sands


focus-1Focus (Trailer)
“Misboa Mulata”
Writer: Pedro Goncalves
Artist: Dead Combo



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