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#TCVideoFriday: June 26, 2015

To celebrate the last Friday of June in 2015 – yes, it is a day worthy of celebration, people – we’re doing something similar to what we did last week (and the week before that, now that you mention it…): offering you a round-up of AWESOME videos from hardworking TuneCore Artists! So go ahead and enjoy, already.

Kat Perkins, “Drive”

Jay Rock, “Money Trees Deuce” 

Nyves, “Return”

Epic Rap Battles of History, “Terminator vs. Robocop”

Tity Boy, “Kitchen”

Emily King, “The Animals”

Sugar & The Hi-Lows, “High Roller”

The New Regime, “Daydream”

Amigo The Devil, “The Recluse”


  • Montreville Blakely

    Hi there musicland people, I have been getting my life in order– so as I can record my tunes and sell them… as a singer-songwriter, blues-guitarist, performing artist… known in Natalie Merchant and Friends/ 2006-7 with the and album/ song#4, using the GIVEUSYOURPOOR as it’s album name. We/ I am happy to have collaborated in that effort– and still active as an associate member. I want to learn the recording arts, also publishing, and retain my control as an indie– home studio: Really, maintaining my freedom as a free agent and my own management. TuenCore ROCKS— as they have the tools and mentoring! I am pleased to start from here. I will be taking online courses for home recording. I am an older blues-guitarist having played 50 yrs now

    Thank you, baby steps– makes the mountain-climb enjoyable :-)

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