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#TCVideoFriday: June 5, 2015

First Friday of June and we’re feeling fresh. We invite you to feel fresh with us, and enjoy this spectacular round-up of videos from the talented TuneCore Artist community!

JiHAE, “It Just Feels”

Motel Pools, “Lemme Walk Your Dog (feat. Honus Honus)”

Mondo Rock, “Come Said the Boy”

Julio Reyes, “Me Canse De Rogarte”

Social Club, “Bad Advice”

POP ETC, “Bad Break”

Wrongchilde, “Dance To Your Heartbeat (feat. Sierra Kusterbeck)”

Renee Olstead, “Sleepwalk”

NIKO IS, “Bye Bye Donnie Brasco”

Chris Envy, “S.A.P. (feat. Raeliss)”