tunecore wednesday video diversion

Wednesday Video Diversion: September 30, 2015

It’s the last day of September! Or maybe you’ve just discovered the perfect musical distraction to keep you from whatever it is you should be doing on a Wednesday afternoon? Either way, we encourage you to celebrate the most mediocre of weekdays with a great round-up of videos from TuneCore Artists after the jump…

Celeste Buckingham, “Unpredictable”

Julia Nunes, “Something Bad”

September Mourning, “Children of Fate”

Dex Osama, “Clean Up Man”

Tei Shi, “Bassically”

Atlas Grind, “You Never Know”

Dirty Dishes, “Red Roulette”

Slim Jesus, “Drill Time”

Nikki Tino, “Shake That LaLa”

Old Man Canyon, “Phantoms & Friends”