New Music Friday: October 30, 2015

TuneCore Artists are releasing tons of new music every day. Each week we check out the new TuneCore releases and choose a few at random to feature on the blog.

Is your hit next?

angels chance
Angels (feat. Saba)
Chance The Rapper

Hip Hop/Rap

Money Shot

Alternative, Rock


Alternative, Electronic

Same Air
The Rocket Summer

Alternative, Rock


Alternative, Pop

chris lane
Chris Lane

Country, Pop

about a mile
Taking Back
About A Mile




Out Of Touch

Electronic, Pop


Alternative, Rock


Alternative, Rock

the lone bellow
I See That Hand
The Lone Bellow


YouTube Music Subscription Service Announced

Updated 11/12/15

YouTube has officially launched its music app! Read below for our original announcement or read more about today’s launch on TechCrunch.

As many of you likely already know, YouTube unveiled the key details surrounding its brand new premium subscription service last week. YouTube Red will give users access to all YouTube content – from cat antics to gaming reviews and music videos – with the benefits of no ads, offline viewing, and background enabled mode.

So for $9.99/month (plus a 30 day trial), media fans of all sorts will be able to use their favorite streaming video platform in a whole new way, and will even be treated to ‘exclusive’ content that will not be made available to non-subscribers. For the time being, it should be noted, YouTube Red will only be made available in the U.S.

Like we stated above: YouTube users come in all shapes and sizes. Some visit purely for videos of the ‘viral’ nature or, conversely, they are part of a community that is dedicated super specific categories of media like gaming and reviews. But one thing is for sure: we know there also lies a huge base of music-hungry fans who either love a visual component to their jamming out or are simply relying on YouTube Art Tracks for quick access to their favorite artists’ catalogs.

The good news for independent artists who already have their music made available to fans on YouTube? You’re covered! YouTube Red will be available in the form of three mobile apps that are tailored to  users’ experiences: Music, Gaming and Kids. YouTube Music will be available to anyone – subscribers and non-subscribers of YouTube Red – so that they can enjoy unique experiences in each content vertical. (Just make sure as a channel owner that you’ve agreed to YouTube’s new terms of services to ensure that your content will remain listed and available to all users.) Pretty sweet, right?

On top of that, if you’re signed up for TuneCore’s YouTube Sound Recording revenue collection service, you’re eligible for both revenue from ads AND subscriptions if your music is being used on other people’s YouTube channels!

Even better, if your music is available in the Google Play All Access Store, it’ll now be available to an even wider audience of those who sign up to YouTube Red (and vice versa)! As YouTube enters the premium subscription game and continues to offer more tailored and enhanced experiences to its users, independent artists benefit.

Take a deeper dive into YouTube Red straight from the horse’s mouth on the official YouTube Blog.


Wednesday Video Diversion: October 28, 2015

Happy Hump Day, universe! Did you know that on this day – in two separate years during the 90s – both Coolio’s “Gangstas Paradise” and AfroMan’s “Cuz I Got High” hit number one on the Billboard charts? Yeah, that’s right. If that’s not a reason to kick back and reflect over some awesome TuneCore Artist videos, we don’t know what is. Enjoy!

Chance the Rapper, “Angels (Live on Colbert)”

X.O., “Country Club”

Hadi Hajilou, “Meri Ankhon (My Eyes)”

Tyrez, “Goodbye”

Chris Rivers, “I Just Wanna Rap (ft. Nitty Scott & Whispers)”

FLAWES, “Don’t Wait For Me”

Heirsound, “Do It Over”

Visakh Menon & Heavy Birds, “View 83”

Potty Mouth, “The Spins”

Audrey Karrasch, “Euphoria”

October News From Our Store Partners

By Dwight Brown

Trick or Treat!

Our store partners are handing out a lot of treats and good news to TuneCore Artists this October. Apple Music, Spinlet, Spotify and MixRadio are growing, reaching more music fans, helping artists get discovered and finding spooktaclular new ways to stand out in a very competitive marketplace.

15 million users!

Speaking at The Wall Street Journal‘s global technology conference in October, iTunes CEO Tim Cook had a smile bigger than the Grand apple-musicCanyon. No wonder, reports that Cook announced that the Apple Music streaming service, in just four months, has 8.5 million users taking advantage of Apple’s 3-Month FREE Trial offer, and 6.5 million paying subscribers. The latter statistic represents roughly a 60% conversion rate. Cook cites Apple Music’s human curations as a prime attraction, “We have music experts, just like the DJ when we were growing up.” He continues, “I’m finding personally that I’m discovering a whole lot of music that I wasn’t listening to before.” He isn’t alone. published an article about an astonishingly honest and controversial interview Apple Music boss and Interscope founder Jimmy Iovine had at the Vanity Fair New Establishment Summit in San Francisco. Iovine shares his unedited opinions on the rise of the self-releasing artist, “freemium” music models, touring VS recording, Taylor Swift-gate, and the challenges he faces at Apple Music. You gotta read it to believe it.  

Music discovery and content curation blossom at Spinlet.

Nkiru Balonwu, the Chief Executive at Africa’s leading music download and streaming service, tells that Spinlet is facing new challenges head on. “New players like Apple Music [are] changing consumer music tastes in favor of music streaming and a Spinletgrowing emphasis on playlists and music curation to improve user listening experience” To adapt to the new trends, Spinlet is investing in editorial, hiring a team to focus on discovery and content curation, while also partnering with external DJs to promote playlists from its catalogue.

In addition, Spinlet is launching a gospel-music streaming service and a website accessible to people outside Africa. Balonwu, “There are an estimated 10 million Diaspora Africans living in Europe alone… a massive opportunity.” Innovation is paying off:

  • Spinlet app downloaded nearly 2 million times.
  • 1150 new user registrations on average everyday.
  • Over 20 million track downloads to date.

Discovery in action!

spotify300Spotify’s Discover Weekly, a music fans’ ultimate playlist, launched in July. In just 10 weeks, 1 billion tracks have been streamed from its playlists, which are delivered as a weekly mixtape of fresh music each Monday. states that 71% of Discover Weekly listeners save at least one song to their own playlists and 60% of users who try Discover Weekly go on to stream five or more tracks. That’s great news for TuneCore Artists as the playlists both include deep cuts and new discoveries.

TuneCore alumnus Ed Sheeran’s single “Thinking Out Loud” has become the first song to hit 500 million streams on Spotify. confirms that his songs have been streamed approximately 2.9 billion times overall and are included on 38 million playlists. Sheeran, who plays arenas with just his guitar and in the past released albums with TuneCore, makes streaming work to his advantage. His success leaves a path for TuneCore artists to follow.

MixRadio teams up with Samsung in India.

The MixRadio music radio/streaming app will be on every Samsung phone. According to, the new agreement exclusively pre-loads their app on Samsung devices, and it will appear in the Google Play store and Samsung store. John Dworkin, MixRadio’s mixradioChief Marketing Officer notes that MixRadio is sensitive to India’s music fan’s specific needs. “In the United States, listeners prefer music organized by album, artist and music genre. In India, they prefer them sorted by region and language.”

Dworkin touts MixRadio’s customer experience too, “When you come into our product [there’s] an experience that engages you rapidly in music and doesn’t require you to do a lot of work. So it’s very very personal, and it’s very very simple.” MixRadio is also available in 30 other countries, which means TuneCore Artists’ music is getting heard in India and internationally too.


Event Recap: TuneCore Live @ Bardot 10/15

It’s unbelievable to think that our 10th installment of TuneCore Live at Bardot – where it all started – took place a couple of weeks back. Our friends at Swisher Sweets, Mirrored Media and CeleBuzz have continued to be a huge part of making these nights successful, and this month was no different. And whether they came out for the artists, to meet TuneCore folks, or simply because it was Thirsty Thursday, everyone who attended seemed to have an amazing time!

First to hit the stage was indie pop duo Roses & Revolutions, comprised of  singer Alyssa Coco and guitarist Matt Merritt. Their cool, mellow tones provided a nice vibe to get the evening started. Showgoers watched chemistry – both musical and emotional – unfold before their eyes as Coco and Merritt breezed through a lovely set.

Roses & Revolutions7

Up next was the rock ‘n Americana-fueled Jesse Thomas, with a complete four-piece backing band. As the hours waned we were delighted to be treated to a fun, bouncy and classic rock ‘n roll set from Jesse and her band. Her strong vocals really carried that honky tonk sound!

Jesse Thomas3

Per usual, our go-to-guy William Lifestyle was serving up the jams between sets!

William Lifestyle DJ set

Finally, singer-songwriter Terra Naomi graced the stage with elegance to wrap up a night of live music. Alone with her guitar, Terra brought guests on a ride of deep, sometimes lighthearted and overall moving songs. Her charming voice brought the house down with songs of love and life experience in a stripped down setting.

Terra Naomi

As always, if you couldn’t make it, we implore you to come hang out for November’s TuneCore Live event – it’ll be free, filled with drinks and live music, and you can tap friendly TuneCore staff on the shoulder to meet and ask questions! We’ll have more info about that coming soon, but for now, enjoy the gallery below to see what you missed!

4 Reasons Why All Musicians Should Know Basic Recording and Mixing Techniques

[Editors Note: This is article is by Belinda Huang and it originally appeared on the Sonicbids Blog. On top of being a contributing writer for Sonicbids and The Berklee Groove, Belinda is also a production & engineering major at Berklee College of Music.]

The process of recording music can seem quite daunting, and in many ways it is, but it’s also a powerful way to take your musicianship up a notch. Even if you aren’t a producer and have no interest in engineering, having basic recording skills will go a long way and pay itself off.

I started a little home studio from scratch years ago for the sole purpose of having a way to record my music as a singer-songwriter. Along the way, however, I’ve learned a surprising amount about music – arranging, creating grooves and beats, writing harmonies and counterpoint melodies, balancing levels, etc. It’s definitely to your advantage in many ways to have a basic understanding of the recording process, and here we’ll explore some of the major benefits.

1. Technology is a powerful tool for expressing your creativity

We all know by now that technology is as powerful as you make it. Knowing how to utilize your computer, an audio interface, and a microphone will provide you with the fundamental resources for a home studio and a basic understanding of how the recording process works. From setting up a microphone to setting levels on a mic preamp to operating a DAW (digital audio workstation) – you’ll be equipped with skills that will give you greater command over your creative process. You’ll be able to lay down ideas right on your computer, experiment by overdubbing parts or harmonies, mock up arrangements for your songs – basically, you can be as infinitely creative as you choose to be once you have the tech side down.

2. You can whip up your own demos (and do it your way)

Let’s face it, we all need demos, and we’ll never stop needing demos. Whether it’s a demo to pitch to publishers, a demo to send a barebones idea to a producer, or a demo to send to your band, they’re crucial, and sometimes voice memos on your phone just don’t cut it. Having recording basics under your belt will ensure that whenever you need a demo, you’ll be able to create one without the hassle of finding someone else to do it for you. I also find that when I track on my own, I sound better because I’m not under any pressure. I can take my time and do as many takes as I want to get it just how I like it. I’m also in a familiar space where I’m comfortable creating, so I’m naturally more expressive.

3. You’ll improve your communication with producers

Knowledge is power, and the better you understand how sound works, the more you’ll be able to command just how you want things to sound . If you’re working with a producer, one of the most crucial elements is communication. I fiddled around with a little recording rig for years doing tons of little projects with my songs and arranging parts for them. When I finally started working with a producer, I was able to say things like, “I want the high-pass filter to open up more slowly so that washing effect doesn’t sound so drastic,” or, “Let’s try a reverb with a faster decay time so it doesn’t sound like I’m in a giant concert hall,” instead of being completely unaware of what was happening to my music.

4. You’ll gain transferable skills

The fundamentals behind the technology we use for music, whether in the studio or on stage, is the same. For example, you’ll want to know the difference between a TS cable and a TRS cable (which look nearly the same) because that can mean the difference between your signal coming through or not coming through. Knowing that you need a DI box for your acoustic guitar in order to plug into an XLR input is crucial both in the studio and on the road. Technology can be your best friend or bite you in the butt, so again, the more you know what you’re doing and how it works, the more control you will have in all situations in the studio and beyond.

The takeaways from getting your feet wet in the recording side of music are vast and as infinite as you choose to delve in and experiment. I think all artists and musicians should have some basic understanding of the process, and the more technology advances as the years go by, the more crucial it will be to ensure success and longevity in this business.

 Get a free PDF of The Indie Musician’s Ultimate Guide to Booking Great Gigs by Sonicbids, featuring pro tips and advice from musicians, venue owners, and talent buyers.