tunecore wednesday video diversion

Wednesday Video Diversion: December 16, 2015

Exactly one week ago, we dropped some awesome TuneCore Artist music videos as a way to distract you in the middle of the afternoon during the middle of the week – a window of time that leading scientists suggest can be extremely boring – and guess what? We’re doing it again! Enjoy this afternoon’s diversion with the music videos below:

Chance The Rapper, “Somewhere in Paradise (ft. Jeremih & R. Kelly)”

Coffey Anderson, “Your New Boyfriend (Is Ugly)”

Andrew Bourne, “I Hate Eggs”

Sash Spilberg, “Your Shadow”

Erica Chase, “Paris”

Tiffany Gouché, “Red Rum Melody”

Bustacrime, “Matter of Time”

Stephen, “Crossfire”

Pegboard Nerds, “Emoji VIP”

Jon Langston, “Forever Girl”